A man will protect the things he values.  A people will defend the integrity of the things they revere.  The people of Maine have watched in incredulous dismay as the very things important to them have been flippantly tossed and maneuvered like so many pawns on a game table. Their leaders’ behavior has been a stark juxtaposition to the desires of Maine people.

“Restore integrity to the Democracy we so treasure” was a cry and demand sent to our political leaders.  Now efforts have been made to ensure the validity of the voting process.  Laws were passed to relieve the unnecessary workload of clerks and registrars.  But some have cried foul seeming to prefer the cloak of ambiguity.  While some would say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, others seem to think that the pound of cure provides much needed job security for the various and sundry governmental regulatory investigative agencies.

It is ironic indeed that an individual wishing to purchase a bottle of whiskey or a pack of cigarettes has to prove that he qualifies to participate in the purchase of these socially acceptable vices.  These laws were put into effect to relieve the pressure on the poor clerk at the local convenience store who has to decide whether this customer has satisfied the legal adherence to purchase these products.  Keen to the uncomfortable responsibility that weighs upon the cashier who has to “make the call”, Laws were enacted that demanded verification of a purchaser’s right to purchase these products; thus, the integrity of the system was hoped to be maintained and only legal buyers could buy.  It is amazing to see that some hold the purchase of a bottle of whiskey or a pack of cigarettes in higher regard than the maintenance of the integrity of our Democratic system.

It is sad to read that a representative of the people would so callously use his constituents as a political battering ram against an opponent.  In Allagash, Senator Troy Jackson is furious that Governor LePage has not meet with him on the Senator’s timetable.  Residents of Maine would like to gently remind Mr. Jackson that Governor Lepage is Governor for the whole State of Maine and runs a pretty tight schedule.  The Governor has made two attempts to meet with the Senator.  Mr. Jackson’s most recent rant, fuming that he could not schedule a meeting with the Governor to address the lack of work because they were….working, certainly gives fellow Mainers, those who aren’t working, pause.

No one, especially not the Governor, has ever denied that the logging industry needs to recover if Maine is to recover.  But, sadly for the people of Allagash, some leaders are more concerned with using their unfortunate situations as a thinly veiled opportunity to try and embarrass a political opponent rather than find solutions.  The loggers of the Allagash may find it better to sidestep the unsightly mess of Senator Jackson’s temper tantrums and meet the Governor themselves.

One comment on “Amazing

  1. Excellent article,Andy. So many people think “it’s all about them.” There is value in looking at the big picture.

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