Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or so they say.  But the clear lines between truth and perception have faded precipitously in recent weeks.  Anarchy once again blindly assaults the very foundations that hold and gird the stalwart common man.  While pure imitation remains still the purest form of flattery, the claim to imitation with vile intent holds no form of flattery and is by no means pure.

Americans have watched with no small consternation as the Democrat party has embraced with relish the anarchist tactics of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Our military has at times engaged their enemies with “shock and awe”.  In the streets of our cities, Americans have been assaulted with “shock and recoil”.  But the leaders of the Democrat party have embraced this behavior, championing the tantrums as legitimate.

The Democrat party does not need the offensive methods of the Defecate Wall Street movement as some new aggressive revolutionary campaign.  The Party, whose symbol is an Ass, has a heinous bag full of tricks that would make the not so happy city campers’ duffels look paltry in comparison.  There is a more sinister reason to why the Democrats have locked arms with these vagrants.

The constant theme threaded throughout the commentary used to describe these “protests” has been “like the Tea Party”.  Other frequently used descriptive terms have been “tactics of the Tea Party” or “things in common with the Tea Party”.  The Democrat Party, either by design or by crises seized, is attempting to smear the Tea Party with the misbehaviors of those who smear the streets of our cities with their refuse.

Americans are by nature law-abiding, God-fearing and peace-loving.  With good reason and to maintain those standards, they will ignore and separate themselves from those who act out with delinquent behavior.  It’s repulsive to honest people and they prefer to have nothing to do with the stench.  What an effective political ploy!  To encourage behavior that has all the intellectual integrity of a drunken hormone addled teenager and then label it, as the “tactics of the Tea Party”. This would be a very effective way to diffuse the energy of hard-working Americans.  Now Democrats can smear the Tea Party the same way Occupy Wall Street’s movements have smeared the tops of law enforcement vehicles across the United States.  Now the rights of freedom loving Americans to protest can be sullied in the same way as the rights of young women to safe nights sleep has been violated in their tents on the streets of our cities.  One commentator said it best when he observed that there are only two places where there are “rape free zones”: prison and Occupy Wall Street.  Yes, Americans are disgusted.

But there is no comparison.  Tea Party rallies were usually one-day events, at the most a weekend, because the participants had to get back to….work.  The Occupy groups have camped out, supported by the very “one percent” they protest.  The media worked at a ferocious fever pitch trying to find deviants within the Tea Party to highlight.  Now they are working with the same ferocity to cover up the disgusting behavior of the Occupy anarchists.

Leaders of the Tea Party have, perhaps out of good will, tried to acknowledge that there are some possible similarities between the two.  This is playing directly into the hands of the groups who wish the Tea Party’s demise: the Democrat Party and their media allies.  The Tea Party must stand resolute in its assertion that there is no similarity.  The foundational motives are polar opposites.  The Tea Party is calling for the restoration of a strong and vibrant America.  The Occupy group is calling for its utter destruction.  The Tea Party is calling for the chance that all Americans can work in freedom to pursue their dreams.  The anarchist blocked streets so that Americans cannot get to work, children cannot pursue their education.  This columnist was taught in my grade school social studies class that we were all entitled to our free rights until we infringed upon the rights of our fellow citizens.  Just a thought to ponder from an 8th grade Social Studies teacher.

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