BYOB (Be Your Own Buffoon)


B.e Y.our O.wn B.uffoon

We are bombarded on all sides by a myriad of opinions.  Historically, varied opinions will find some common ground, coalesce and then start the political struggle to become the majority.  In modern America, this seems to be the establishment view.  Change can only come through government, specifically Federal, and so we have evolved now into this never-ending frenzied power struggle for who can control Washington D.C.  Our Founding Fathers coalesced around a much different consensus than the modern political view of today.

Our Fathers viewed government as the source of a nation’s problems not the solution.  These men had watched the broken governments of England and Europe stagger beneath the leadership of drunken witless men whose lives were consumed by a passion for the never-ending cycle of gluttonous feasting followed by shameless wenching with a quick return to the tax-funded glut.  No, this was before the time of Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd.  Predictably, the wealth of these nations was soon depleted.

Without the intellect, integrity or initiative to work to find their own wealth, these buffoons set their sights on the bursting treasure trove in the New World Colonies.  Much to the utter shock of dim-witted magistrates and monarchies, those colonists, who had carved out their own wealth with their own blood, sweat and loved ones lost, were more than reluctant to give it to a slothful soulless magistrate.  When taxes and tariffs became so onerous that these colonists began to lose their own businesses, they fought back.  They became radical right-wing extremists.  You know the story.

Our Founding Fathers formed a government that vested power in the people from the bottom up; that is, the power of government weakened the farther it moved away from the people it represented.  In this way local government, such as counties, would exercise more control over the matters of local ordinance since those officials must face their electorate on a daily basis.  The idea was to promote individual sovereignty.

The Founders created a form a government designed much like a professional athlete, with all its parts proportioned to their need and function.  This is in sharp contrast to our government today, which is shaped more like a bobble-head doll.  The head is grotesquely large, listless, and stares straight ahead.  It only moves when you bump into it and then it just bobbles in place.

Our Fore Fathers knew that it was not a crime to be a buffoon.  The crime would be the inevitable buffoons in government who could be organized by someone who was crazy like a fox.  Now foxes have gathered together enough governmental tomfoolery that the labyrinth of government bureaucracies is once again choking out the people’s wealth.  Leaders throughout government, such as John Martin here in Maine, have carefully crafted layers of regulatory bureaucracy governed by mindless unionized leaders who obey their every bidding.  They shamelessly pad their taxpayer-funded behinds with more and more of our hard earned treasure.  Because they lack the initiative to create solutions to this disease, they block those that do and, instead, look for other ways to pilfer the people’s treasure to fund their wanton glut

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