Dale’s Favorite Things (To the tune “My Favorite Things)

Gift cards with DJs and warm back massages

Funtown and Splashtown for those who like splashes

We’ll drive to the moon if the taxpayer springs

These are a few of Dale’s favorite things


Abracadabra!  We paid for magicians

With money for homes and warm little kitchens

Who cares about LHeap? Just bring on the bling!

These are a few of Dale’s favorite things


Karate, we party with slides and bounce houses

Sandcastles, aren’t they affordable houses?

Let’s go to Dan’s Barbeque and have us a fling

These are few of Dale’s favorite things


When there’s questions

When the noose tugs

Dale is feeling sad

The Portland Press Herald will lie like a rug

And then she won’t feel so bad

Yes, just give a call in to Maine’s BDN

And then Dale won’t feel so bad

Oh, McCormick won’t feel so bad


So the moral of this exercise in parody is to show the lack of morals at The Maine Housing Authority.  After the self-righteous monologue by Dale McCormick, the director of Maine State Housing, claiming that people would freeze this winter because of a lack of funds for LHeap, it now comes to light that, while Federal cuts to heating assistance have put Maine’s vulnerable in danger, Maine State Housing under McCormick’s direction has been diverting much needed funds into frivolous and lavish expenditures within the bureaucracy.  While 6,500 families wait in line for affordable housing, McCormick has heaped on Maine taxpayers exorbitant expense tabs that have her living a very posh lifestyle.

The Democrats decry the LePage administration’s investigation into this as a “witch-hunt”.  The Democrats are now obstructing the attempts to balance the DHHS budget by claiming they need more to spend.  They even believe they can regain the majority next November because they are confident Mainers want more of this corruption.  I think not!  Taxpayers of Maine need to read the ongoing investigation “The Maine Wire” is doing on this issue at TheMaineWire.com.  The revelations are troubling but, if we want to clean up the smelly onions in Maine, we need to see and smell the stench to know what to clean up.  Let’s Set Maine Free!

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