Red County Caucus Presidential Endorsement

The Red County Caucus

CONTACT: Andy Torbett (Chairman)    CONTACT #: (207) 564-9071
DATE: March 15, 2012

Red County Caucus Supports Romney

The Red County Caucus, a group of Conservative Republicans from
Piscataquis County, takes its name from the fact that it has been the
only County in New England to support all Republican candidates in
recent elections. Of particular note was the fact that it was the only
New England County to support McCain/Palin in 2008, helping set the
stage for a 2010 Republican resurgence in Maine.  Today the Red County
Caucus announced it was supporting Mitt Romney for President of the
United States.

In making the endorsement, the RCC stated its view that Romney has
allayed most concerns in re-asserting his conservative credentials and
proving that he has the ability to attract all segments of the
Republican Party.  “Of paramount concern,” it said in making the
endorsement, “is that we have a strong and principled conservative
leader who has the ability to attract a large cross-section of the
electorate including Conservatives, Moderates, Tea Party Patriots, and
Independents who are deeply concerned about the direction of the Obama
Administration’s policies.  In our considered opinion, Mitt Romney is
clearly the best candidate and has the very best chance of defeating
the most disastrous president in our Nation’s history.”

We urge our fellow citizens across this State and Nation to join us
supporting Mitt Romney for President and ignite a new era of freedom
and prosperity.

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