The differences between ObamaCare and RomneyCare

When this column goes to press, the Supreme Court will have ended or
be near at end the argument phase of the case concerning the
Constitutionality of ObamaCare, that is, if the Judges even hear it.
There is some question that the Court may delay a hearing on the
matter, as some are arguing that none have been affected by the
mandate yet.  There are many businesses that would beg to differ on
that argument.  Nonetheless, let’s assume that the Supreme Court hears
the arguments.  One of the major arguments that the Obama
administration has put forth is that Mitt Romney did it.  Yes, with a
straight face, the President will again employ the “everybody else but
me” argument before the Supreme Court of the United States.
This President has promised to be a historical President and he has
succeeded in some unique ways.  He and his Party have produced in
George W. Bush the first three-term President in Modern History, by
blaming him for every uncomfortable situation they have faced.  Now
with a re-election campaign on the horizon, the President has decided
to give the credit for the signature policy achievement of his
administration to his most probable campaign opponent, Mitt Romney.
So in essence, Barack Obama is the President who never was.
The assertion by this President that ObamaCare is a mirror image of,
so called, RomneyCare is fundamentally flawed on several fronts.  The
Democrats, in their attempt to hang ObamaCare on Governor Romney, have
failed to acknowledge some key differences that they perhaps would
prefer remain undisclosed.  But this columnist could never let a
sleeping dog lie, could he?
The Massachusetts healthcare plan was debated on the floor of the
State legislature and in the public for many months.  After some time
of debates and compromise between the legislative and executive
branches, the plan, soon dubbed RomneyCare, was passed into law and
signed by then Governor Romney.  ObamaCare, on the other hand, was
crafted behind closed doors and rammed down the throats of Americans
and the Republican Party with little to no debate or public discourse.
The majority of the residents of Massachusetts approved of the state
plan and was in favor of its implementation.  Governor Romney was
giving the people what they wanted.  ObamaCare was incredibly
unpopular from the onset.  The hatred and anger for this law have only
increased as the years have passed.
This shows a fundamental difference between Conservatives and
Liberals.  Conservatives believe that States should have their own
sovereignty and rise and fall on the weight of their own decisions,
but other States should not be bound to the actions of one State.  The
liberal argument of this President is that one State has established a
precedent and the others should be forced to follow suit, like it or
lump it.
Mitt Romney was a Republican Governor with legislature that held a
strong Democrat majority.  Had he vetoed the bill, the opposing Party
would have most likely overridden him.  The Governor tried to
negotiate from a position of strength rather than weakness to craft a
bill that both Parties would accept and the people wanted.  President
Obama and his Democrat majority crafted their own bill in secret and
didn’t give a rat’s hinder-parts what the Republicans or the people
wanted.  So you see, when it comes to motives, there are some stark
differences between the two health plans

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