What Quality of Life?!!

As the radical left continues to besiege Peter Vigue, the catch phrase used by the these environmentalists to justify their anarchist intent is they don’t want to lose “the quality of life” poverty-stricken Piscataquis and Washington County has to offer them.  This is akin to the “it’s for the children” line used every time a liberal politician wants to raise your taxes to pay for another redundant bureaucracy.  There is no quality of life in poverty save for the quality of your soul, but that is not the substance of this debate.  If rural Counties in North-Central Maine cannot show large businesses that we have a transport artery for them to easily ship their products to market, we cannot hope to provide an attractive package to entice these businesses to come here.  These enviro-leftists know this and that is their hope.  At the core of their plan for our Maine is to drive the human footprint out of the “wildlands”.  They use the ruse of  “quality of life” to create hesitation in those who truly love the quality of life in areas we live on the edge of Maine’s wilderness.  They hope to create uncertainty and conjure the elements of a conspiracy against the native men and women of Maine. The inevitable stalemate ensues.  The entrepeneur with all his good intent suddenly finds himself neck-deep in a quagmire.  After millions and even billions lost trying to help the impoverished, the businesses give up in despair to the cackling glee of environ’s meddling minions.  Their accomplishment is two-fold.  The hated business man has learned a painful lesson concerning rural Maine and leaves considerably weakened financially.  The inhabitants of rural Maine are left even deeper in the despair of poverty, the environmental “quality of life”, and, with their children leaving in droves to seek fortune elsewhere, they follow in their wake to a different quality of life.  And Maine is left barren of humanity, just the quality of life these anarchists seek.


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