Introducing the Highlands PAC


August 2, 2012

Dear Fellow Patriots,


Our beloved Nation sits balanced precariously on the precipice of change, change many of us could have never imagined even fathomable by any of political leaders.  We’ve all seen the many attacks on our liberties by government gone amuck or, perhaps, even rogue.  Thankfully, many everyday Americans are stepping forward to stand up for their Nation.


The State of Maine has been on the front lines of the battle against liberal activism and continues to be.  Recently, Maine has had a turnover in leadership that has broken a nearly 40 year strangle hold that liberal Democrats held in this State.  The entrenched bureaucracies, still rooted in the government here, have weaved a tangled web of deceit and corruption.  The stellar efforts of the Republican leadership to uncover this labyrinth of cronyism have met with stiff opposition, as you can imagine, from the union controlled public sector.  Their hope is to stall and hide their misdeeds until the Democrats can retake control of Maine’s political leadership and then the lucrative “back-scratching” alliances can be renewed again.  As we have seen in Wisconsin, the left has brought together a horde of powers through the media and union leadership in a desperate effort to retain control of corrupted nest eggs of public funds from policies and mandates, which are draining the fiscal where-with-all of our great Nation.  Democrats, the media and union leaders here in Maine have also vowed to crush the fledgling sprouts of a new fiscally responsible economy.  As our State Treasurer continues to shine the light on the various corrupt bureaucracies, those who have a vested interest in big government have redoubled their efforts to stop the seeds of reformation that have sprouted in this great State.  This next election will be an essential stand for this Nation and our States if we are to have the hope of restoring a Nation of liberty to our children.


Hello, my name is Andy Torbett.  Four years ago, my wife and I decided to get in involved in the McCain/Palin campaign after we heard the Palin family introduced to the Nation.  We got involved with the local ground troops and worked to help our County, Piscataquis County, be the only County in all of New England to vote against Barack Obama.  I began writing a local column called “The Maine Conservative Voice”.  After attracting the attention of local political leaders, I was selected to represent Piscataquis on the Republican State Platform Committee.  Soon after, I was elected the Republican County Chairman for Piscataquis County.


As stated before, Piscataquis County was the only county in all of New England to vote against the now sitting President, which earned us the title of “The Red County”.  I was approached by our Representative Paul Davis who asked me what I thought about forming a group to give political endorsements and naming it “The Red County Caucus”.  I thought it was great idea and enthusiastically joined, along with two other political leaders, Representative Peter Johnson and Senator Doug Smith.  Our first endorsement was for then gubernatorial Candidate Paul LePage.  Our endorsement was instrumental in his election as Governor and helping to overturn a 40-year Democrat majority.


Now I have decided to form the Highlands PAC.  After our singular stand here against Barack Obama, George Soros and his money machine targeted our little County.  They were unable to complete their goal of crushing us despite their enfusement of cash into our opponent’s coffers.  The hard work of local leaders and our ability to place stellar candidates on the ballots was the major reason for our success.  But I realized how important the role of money played in this warfare of ideology.  So many of the good God-fearing candidates that I knew and helped were working off shoestring budgets.  If only these candidates could have access to more money and if good God-fearing people had a place to send those monies with the knowledge that those dollars would go to candidates whose values they embraced, then perhaps we could began to push back against the tyranny of liberal media bias.  Then we could hold the ground we’ve taken for good and move to take more.  But I need your help.


I am not a man of means by any stretch of the imagination.  I cannot compete against men of George Soros ilk, who hold no scruples and endless personal wealth.  But together, all of us with a little can do a lot.  If you could consider sending a donation of any amount to the HighlandsPAC, you can help us stand here in Maine against the destructive forces of environmentalism, liberalism and socialism.  Maine has been on the forefront of liberal and environmental extremism for years dating back to the days of Ed Muskie.  Maine’s media outlets are completely under the control of the leftist agenda.  Men like Donald Sussman, who has bought control of the printed news in Maine in an effort to assure the election of Angus King, his wife Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud.  But we are fighting back through grass-roots efforts like mine on the Internet and on the ground door to door.  Please consider sending us your monetary help in this battle.  Please make checks payable to Highlands PAC and send them to our Treasurer Gerald Nessmann addressed to:



1186 Milo Rd.

Sebec, ME 04481


Thank you for standing with us for the State of Maine and the Nation.  When you contact us please leave us your email or mailing address so we can keep you updated with our progress in the battle.  Let’s Set Maine Free! Victory in 2012!


God Bless You and Yours,


Andy Torbett

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