This Week’s Poll:Maine

Senator Doug Thomas has recently called on the Governor to slow the process on the East-West Highway project.  The Maine Conservative Voice applauds Sen. Thomas for making this stand.  In so doing he is not compromising his beliefs but is acknowledging that all the noise, shouting and heckling that has gone on over this issue has gotten out of control.  If we are to make a reasoned choice on this matter, cooler heads must prevail.  Please take the time to vote in our latest poll.

One comment on “This Week’s Poll:Maine

  1. I for one am all for looking into any private sector business proposals, but,without the details and conditions it is hard to give an opinion, but, for private businesses to be able to take land through eminent domain is bad business for Maine. I ask the senator one simple question at the convention, how would the camp owners, hunters, fisherman, adventurists,recreational vehicles, get from one side of the “studmill” road from rte 9 to Deer lake?(31-00-00 road to 32-00-00, which is a four corner intersection ) and he couldn’t tell me, that tells me to vote against anything until a full review of the specifics, and not to jump head long into shallow water as it seems Sen Thomas has…
    Carter Jones, Aurora, Maine
    Woodsman in the down east, stud mill road area for over 20 yrs

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