Stealth Plus


In the past, this author has made much of the new stealth Democrat party led by Angus King.  Simply affixing the label of “Independent” over the top of the word Democrat on their banner and moving forward with the same agenda, function, and support system has been the tactic of choice for these new Maine Democrats.  This is understandable since the Democrat brand has suffered considerable damage to its image from the poor leadership it has exemplified at each level of governance in this Nation.

At the national level, the policies of Democrats have resulted in the deaths of border agents and a foreign ambassador, sent our debt spiraling out of control, crushed our economy, and made job creators the enemy of the State.  Here at the State and local levels, they have obstructed all attempts to fix a State, which had reeled for forty years under the weight of leftist big government policies.   This Democrat party is the same party, which has stolen billons from Medicare to pay for their own healthcare agenda, and then vilifies the Republicans who are now trying to save it for our seniors.  And now Angus King, monarch of all Stealth Democrats, has resorted to mocking Maine people who are concerned and frustrated that Maine’s resident wind magnate has used their tax dollars to place white, twirling, behemoth towers of government waste right in front of their lake view of Maine’s once pristine mountain landscapes.   He compares their concerns to a Godzilla B-movie in his latest TV ad.  Maine’s leader of the stealth Democrats seems to be lacking in some class, as well, but not lacking in millions of tax funded subsidies to pad his wallet.  But one member of King’s party incognito has taken stealth to a whole new level.

Mike Michaud must have found some new alien cloaking device, which he is keeping to himself, because after each November election the man simply disappears only to reappear two years later in Maine with his title of  “most irrelevant congressman” in tow.   Mr. Michaud has declared that he is willing to debate “anytime, anywhere.”

But when groups try to schedule him for debates with Senator Raye, he simply can’t be found… anytime…. or anywhere.

The National Federation of Independent Business has given him a rating of….zero.  Really….zero?  It would seem that simply inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide in D.C could get you a higher rating than that.  The rest of his so-called Blue Dog coalition has got at least a 50% rating.  Zero…really?  Hence, the possibility of a cloaking device.  At least his carbon credits are low.

Conversely, Michaud’s opponent, Senate President Kevin Raye a small business owner himself, has been a tireless supporter of small business and is endorsed by the NFIB.  He has been an outspoken advocate for private landowner rights, speaking out against the abuses of LURC.  The Second District will be glad to know he is a defender of the Second Amendment and believes in traditional marriage.  Most importantly, Kevin Raye believes in the State of Maine, its people and its rich resources and potential.  He will not be silent in his defense of our great State while he is in Washington.   The Maine Conservative Voice believes that it is imperative we have a visible, yes, visible representation in Washington for the Second District as opposed to a man who hides in the shadows until he is prodded out to vote on the spike heel of Nancy Pelosi.  Kevin Raye is the right choice for the Second District and the State of Maine.

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