Score One for the Good Guys

The County Commissioners of Piscataquis County are reversing their decision to turn over the County road, which was the access to Little Wilson Falls, to Roxanne Quimby.  After an outcry from the residents, local legislators Paul Davis, Doug Thomas,Pete Johnson and Former Rep Jim Annis got involved in the fight for the people.  Jim Annis is running for the Commissioners seat being vacated by retiring Commissioner Tom Lizzotte.  Quimby had originally illegally gated the road until she was informed by the County commissioners that it was a county road and she could not block the access.  Then in confusing series of events the commissioners voted to turn over the road to Quimby. This sparked an outcry from the residents of Piscataquis and the legislators got involved.  When commissioner Fred Trask made it known that he would vote against the proposal, Quimby withdrew the proposal.  When this was announced at today’s meeting, the commissioners moved to reverse their original decision.  Senator Doug Thomas asked that the motion be amended to demand that Quimby remove the gate from the road completely.  Commissioner Lizzotte voice his disapproval of such an amendment, but commissioner Fred Trask spoke in support of the amendment reminding Lizotte that the gate is on county property therefore must be removed.  Lizzotte relented and the motion was passed with amendment to require the removal of Quimby’s gate. Little Wilson Falls is a favorite spot for local residents to visit.  many elderly are able to view the falls by driving up the road.  Gating the road made it impossible for many elderly and very young to enjoy its beauty.  One small victory for the people of Maine.  Representative Paul Davis, Senator Doug Thomas and Commissioner Fred Trask are to be commended for standing with the people of Piscataquis County.

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