It’s called “Vacationland”.  What many consider an advertising slogan for the State of Maine has now become a call to action for gay rights activists.  Three years ago the people of Maine delivered their verdict on the issue of gay marriage.  Since that vote, the gay rights movement has been working non-stop behind the scenes to circumvent the will of the people here in this State.

One of the tactics has been a project these groups have dubbed “Vacationland”.  They call on out-of-State activists to come and “vacation” in Maine around the time of the election.  They are instructed, behind the scenes, to take advantage of Maine’s lax voter id laws and register to vote in Maine on Election Day.  This is a concerted effort to flood the electorate in our State with votes favorable to the gay rights agenda, hoping to tip the balance in their favor against the people of Maine.

One of the most destructive ideologies of the liberal progressive movement is its utter disregard and disdain for the will of the people.  This political movement is predicated upon the belief that the will of government is the means to bend and break the will of the people.  The majority should not rule.  Those who hold the power of government should rule and enforce its agenda.  In truth, this is tyranny.  Those in this movement care little for democracy but rather for the implementation of their agenda.  Unfortunately, many in government have chosen the progressive forms of governing rather than the representation of the people, which is their sacred oath.

Mike Michaud represents the Second District.  The Second District voted overwhelmingly against the redefinition of marriage at a rate of 65-70%.  This is a tally of both Democrat and Republican voters.  Representative Mike Michaud has chosen to sneer, the Democrat tact as of late, at the collective will of his constituents.  In essence, by showing a public preference for his own personal beliefs over the very strong personal beliefs of the majority of those he represents, Mike Michaud is arrogantly asserting that he knows better than those he serves.

The Bangor City Council took this arrogance one step further by voting to accept gay marriage.  The city council has no authority on these matters. This was purely a symbolic vote in an effort to affect the outcome in November.  These council members have become so impressed with their self-proclaimed importance that perhaps they feel they can intimidate the electorate into agreeing with their “statement”.  This is all in an effort to create some feeling of inevitability in the vote and discourage the people, whom they serve, from voting contrary to the council’s “vaunted” opinion.

For a group of people who are not shy about promoting themselves as the intellectual elite, many politicians seem to struggle with the definition and assimilation of the word “representation” as it pertains to our representative form of government.  While the out-of-state activists and our local politicians are demanding that we knuckle under to their progressive world-view, I would remind my fellow Maine residents that our common sense values are nothing to be ashamed of and we need not back away from them.  It’s really not that confusing.  Marriage is not a right. It is a responsibility to raise and protect the next generations of our society.  It is the bedrock that has built civilization after civilization, including ours.  We The People of Maine should never let politicians bully us into following their will.  Vote “No” on Question 1.

2 comments on “Vacationland

  1. How many times does this gay crap have to be voted on ? Why cant we come up with a law allowing it a minimum of five years

  2. I’m not sure about a five year limit, but I would suspect that we will have to fight this fight until we defeat them in convincing enough fashion that the funding dries up. its all about money. These issues are fundraisers for liberals and large amounts of monies are funneled into already deep pockets. The gay marriage advocates are outspending us 9 to 1. But we will not stop defending our liberties.

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