Three Rails of Truth

For the Christian, the question of the debate on gay marriage is a moot point.  The Bible is very clear in its condemnation of sex with those of the same gender in any capacity.  While the ancient spiritual texts do not mention gay marriage in its modern definition, advocates who claim that God’s Holy Word supports the redefining of traditional marriage have to defy all laws of hermeneutics in order to substantiate their claims.  Sadly, out of the 57 million evangelical Christians in the U.S., 32 million did not vote in the last election and 10 million did not even register.  It would seem, in light of this stark apathy, the fault for the erosion of religious liberty in this nation lies squarely at the feet of lazy Christians.

Soon the accusation of hate is hurled against those who disagree with proponents of gay marriage.  The idea that marriage is not a right but a responsibility is lost on those who are clamoring against traditional marriage.  Marriage is an institution with certain guidelines and criteria that those who wish to have membership must meet.  Civilizations down through the ages have established the marriage tradition as the means to channel, confine and legally bind the sexual desires of male and female into a focus upon building and providing for the next generation.  An institution that has rules for membership does not indicate hate.  All across the nation, girls’ softball leagues exclude boys from playing in their institutions.  It’s a safe bet that the female members of these leagues hold no ill will toward the males who do not qualify.

But what of those who do not hold to the same values of faith that Christians do?  What of those who have no faith at all?  There are three rails of truth that the defense of traditional marriage rides upon.  First is the argument of faith.  It is more than the Christian faith of our nation.  All civilizations have tied their marriage structure in some way to the faith systems of their people.

Secondly, there is evidence left to us from civilizations past.  Every civilization that has abdicated its traditional, heterosexual marriage structure has fallen into decay and ruin.  They have collapsed.  Within a society, the marriage institution demands of its membership, through oaths of fidelity, that participants fulfill their sexual needs through marriage contract.  They then can focus all other energies into industry and other aspects of society, which come as a direct result of a passion to provide for the family they are now bound to.  As civilizations have moved away from that marriage structure, the progress of that nation has steeped in decline.  This is because all that we strive for is most often rooted in a desire to provide a better future for those we love.

Thirdly, we have the evidence from here and now.  Like no other civilization before us, we have access to information at an instant.  We can see the repercussions of our own actions and those around us immediately.   A bed and breakfast in Vermont was sued because they would not consent to performing a gay marriage and, even though offered to find the couple a Justice of the Peace to perform the marriage, the family lost their business and all their family savings.  A sportscaster in Canada last his job for agreeing with a friend in support of traditional marriage.  The owners of “Chic-Fil-A” were vilified in front of the whole nation because they made a statement in support of traditional marriage.   Europe has outlawed the use of the words Mother and Father.  California is moving to pass the same type of law.  This columnist could list pages of immediate attacks against heterosexual traditions and beliefs as a direct result of these laws redefining marriage.  Now, a new study shows that children in gay homes are facing much larger developmental issues then those in traditional homes.

Working in defense of traditional marriage, I have heard some say, “Oh well, our nation has to collapse sometime.”  I’m sorry, but I beg to differ.  Yes, we are no different than any other peoples that have walked the face of this earth.  We are not immune to the failures of humanity.  What makes us different, in light of all the knowledge available to us, both past and present, we the people of the United States of America are without excuse for allowing the failure of our great civilization.  We must protect the Institution of Marriage.  Vote “NO” on Question one.  Don’t redefine marriage.

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