A Highlands Christmas


The whisper of snow

As it falls through the trees

Climbing it, piling it

To each child their glee

High in the mountains

Betwixt snow and ice

The water still thunders

The pictures so nice

And on down the mountain

Through Gulf Hagas Gorge

‘Till the river moves Pleasant

Past the old Iron Forge

Past depots in Brownville

In Milo a meeting

Two brothers called rivers

And three now are greeting

Way up in the Highlands

With tales told of yore

The great lake called Moosehead

Its grand icy shore

In its forests of bounty

They searched and found gifts

But deep in its depths

Lay old ghostly ships

So much that surrounds us

Such beauty to see

How oft’ we forget this

We just see one tree

We bustle to fill it

With ribbons and bows

Despair if there’s nothing

Beneath its fir boughs

But while we are shopping

For Foxcroft’s fine wares

In Dexter, in Guilford

In here or in there

Remember the blessing

To live in this place

Wrapped in God’s beauty

His picture of grace

From Greenville to Dover

His birth for us all

From KI to Milo

May all heed His call

Written by Andy Torbett

Dec. 17th, 2012

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