The High Value of Integrity



It has been some years now since I decided to step into the murky and troubled waters of politics.  I remember the first time I walked into a political headquarters and offered to help in any way I could.  To that point, I had viewed politics as a necessary evil and only got close enough to vote.  But as I watched the steady downward spiral of this Country and this State I loved, I wanted to help.  Perhaps, I thought, we could start to turn things around for our children.


The first politician I met when I walked through that door was Paul Davis.  From that day I entered into one of the most honest, straightforward and frank relationships that I have ever been in.  Despite my entering the political fray as an outspoken and, at times, edgy activist columnist, Paul was always encouraging to my involvement, though I’m sure my tendency to push the envelope could make one uneasy.  Paul has always been direct in his opinion of my opinions.  There is no confusion to where he stands on issues and this is why The Maine Conservative Voice is publishing this letter of endorsement to support Paul Davis in the Senate primary race for the new District Four.


Paul Davis believes in fiscal responsibility and small government.  He not only believes it, he lives it.  He is one of the most frugal men I have ever met.


Paul Davis is a social conservative but it is more than a title to him.  He has never betrayed those of faith whose vote he courts by claiming to believe one way and living another way.  Paul gives his word and stands by it.


Paul Davis will never sell his vote for campaign favors.  He does his best to ally himself with men and women of like conscience, who will work with him to represent his constituents.  In the very tough and, at times, ugly business of politics, it’s nice to see someone who is willing to take a stand on principle.


Paul Davis believes that the government should stay out of the private lives of the people, their homes and their businesses.  He is a strong proponent of private landowner rights and prefers to keep government out of the private sector.  Government has a way of confusing what honest citizens do so efficiently.


Paul Davis’ record speaks for itself.  Those he has represented for so many years know him.  They know he will listen to them and speak for them in Augusta, like the time he put in a bill to change the regulatory mess that was keeping Chris Clukey from establishing his optometrist office in Dover-Foxcroft or the bill to protect the Sebec and Milo dams, which guard Maine’s only natural salmon fishery in Sebec Lake. They know they can put their trust in him because he has proven over and over again that he values and protects their trust.


It’s time to restore integrity to this Senate District again.  It’s time to restore the common sense and honesty to this area.  It’s what we value most in Maine.  Please join me in supporting Paul Davis to be our next Senator from the new District Four.

Andy Torbett

The Maine Conservative Voice

A Highlands Christmas


The whisper of snow

As it falls through the trees

Climbing it, piling it

To each child their glee

High in the mountains

Betwixt snow and ice

The water still thunders

The pictures so nice

And on down the mountain

Through Gulf Hagas Gorge

‘Till the river moves Pleasant

Past the old Iron Forge

Past depots in Brownville

In Milo a meeting

Two brothers called rivers

And three now are greeting

Way up in the Highlands

With tales told of yore

The great lake called Moosehead

Its grand icy shore

In its forests of bounty

They searched and found gifts

But deep in its depths

Lay old ghostly ships

So much that surrounds us

Such beauty to see

How oft’ we forget this

We just see one tree

We bustle to fill it

With ribbons and bows

Despair if there’s nothing

Beneath its fir boughs

But while we are shopping

For Foxcroft’s fine wares

In Dexter, in Guilford

In here or in there

Remember the blessing

To live in this place

Wrapped in God’s beauty

His picture of grace

From Greenville to Dover

His birth for us all

From KI to Milo

May all heed His call

Written by Andy Torbett

Dec. 17th, 2012

Great Memorial

In the town of Milo sets one the most beautiful war memorials that I have seen.  Perhaps I’m biased because it is in my county of Piscataquis.  Recently the final stages were honored and announced as complete.  The Maine Conservative Voice would like to applaud and commend the vision, determination and perserverance of all those in the Milo/Brownville area that worked so hard to see this gorgeous memorial, so fitting to the men and women who have payed the ultimate price for our freedom, to its completion.  They have been steadfast in this progress, but what else would we expect; after all, they are war veterans.