Of Culprits and Criminals


“We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker.  It is time to restore the American principle that each individual is accountable for his actions.”- Ronald Reagan

Common sense, like the lesson in this quote, is a virtue that we here in the rural Northeast hold in high regard.  This is why the recent events, which are careening completely out of control day by day, leave the good, decent people of Maine puzzled and appalled by the words and actions of those elected to serve them.  After the horrific and tragic misdeeds of the demented, how is it that the servants (politicians) are now calling their masters (citizens) criminals?  What is our crime?

What has prompted the Democrat Party to blame peace-loving, law-abiding Americans with the deaths of little children?  Leaders of the Maine Democrat Party have publicly chastised Maine citizens, who own guns and, by the way, make up the majority of Maine residents. Some, such as Janice Cooper, have gone so far as to say that they are sickened by us, yes us, for I am a gun owner myself and not ashamed of it.  So what is so sickening about Maine gun owners, which, by the way, make up the majority of Maine residents?  Was it our outrage when the Democrats started their new leadership tenure with a call for a pay raise?  They hadn’t even started working yet.  Same ol’, same ol’.  It’s what we call “teenage politics”.  Yell, scream and blame every problem on their “idiot” authority figure and then turn around, ask that same authority figure for the car keys and some more money so they can go party on that selfsame authority figure’s dime.

Our Country is in a fiscal crisis, the likes we have never seen, and the first act of the Democrats in Washington is to introduce eight laws to restrict our right to own firearms.  Because it’s our fault, you see?  We own guns.  How can they pass a budget with all these gun owners lurking around?  If we would just pass our guns in to the government, they could sell them fast and furious to Mexican drug lords, make a bundle and perhaps balance the budget.  Perhaps, because there would, of course, be the expense of the committee to collect the guns, then the committee to log all the serial numbers, then the committee to lose all the serial numbers, a committee to devise a curriculum to teach the new “Omericans” how better off they are without any self-defense and, yes, the committee to implement the new “Omericans” education course.

A little over the top?  Of course.  But it does seem more than coincidental that immediately after a horrible, heinous attack on little children, the liberal elites immediately launch a coordinated attack on the majority of American citizens, most still blinded by their grief for the loss of the “littlest of these” and too numbed by sorrow to see it coming.  Easy targets.

Here in Maine, Democrats label gun owners “sickening”.  A newspaper in New York, The Journal News, has printed maps plotting the location of the residences of gun owners.  Now incarcerated criminals are threatening those that staff the prisons with harm to their families because they now know where they live.  Thieves are rejoicing with the knowledge of what homes have no defense and are easy pickings.  In an ironic twist, the outrage against the Journal was so great the paper felt the need to hire armed guards for safety.  Oh, those nasty guns make you feel safe now, hmmm. The President and most of his elite friends send their children to schools with armed guards, but not for us, why?

Other papers have asked for lists of gun owners and called for their execution.  Dianne Feinstein continues her call for a forced return of all guns from the citizens.  Mayor Booker of Philadelphia is offering $1,000 to anyone who turns in his or her neighbor who owns a gun.

In California, residents brought in their weapons in a buy-out program.  Standing if front of the pile of weapons, officials stated that the children of the State would be safer now.  But how many of the individuals returning a gun had a criminal record, except for the aspersions cast on them by arrogant public servants?  And therein lies the culprit to the insanity.

We, as Americans, have wilted under the withering tantrums of our juvenile public leaders, much the same as beleaguered parents tire and succumb to the insults and tirades of a spoiled child.  Yes, we grieve for the loss of our nation’s most precious treasure, but we must not allow our public servants to blame us for it.  We, the majority of gun owning Americans, are not capable of such mindless acts with the weapons we possess.  We only wish that we could be there, with those weapons, to defend the little ones.  This is not a crime and we must never allow small, empty-minded despots to portray our love as hate, our independence as immoral and our patriotism as asinine.  They will try but we don’t have to accept the label.  We are Americans, free by the blood of our forefathers. Don’t ever forget the cost to gain it and the cost to lose it. May the fire of freedom still course through our veins and burn in our souls, forever unquenched.

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