There’s Reality, Then There’s Democrats



Democrats have passed their first budget in four years and they’re positively giddy about it.  The celebratory swoon in Washington may have contributed to the collective swelling of the cranial area in the Democrat Party, for they often find so great pride in accomplishing what many Americans consider every day necessary tasks.  For this reason, thinking caps have been relegated to the dustbins of history in the District of Columbia because, well, they just don’t fit anyone there any more.

Then on to the shimmering horizon comes our President.  He assures the Israelis that he can empathize with their struggles with the Palestinians because we, here in the United States, have struggles with our neighbor to the north, Canada…ummm Canada?…what the….whaa…wow!!  From what nether did he pluck that? Maine is a few hours from the Canadian border and we aren’t ducking any rockets here.  The U.S./Canadian border is the most peaceful border in the world, and that’s even taking into account those crazy truck drivers from Quebec.  To equate the relationship between the United States and Canada to the terror inflicted by Palestine on Israel is sheer lunacy.

Ah, but now we come home to our very own Alfond Democrats, who have taught us new and creative ways to pay debts.  Just don’t do it!  Ignore it!  Move on to bigger and…and….bigger government!

And while they are ignoring the debt, they sure are focused on the Governor, fixated.  They’ve proposed bills to take away his pension, just his, not theirs.   The latest Democrat homage to their feelings for the Governor is a bill to sell The Blaine House.  They want to put the Governor out on the street!  That’s not very nice…oh, and the hospitals still would like to get paid, if you could fit that in somewhere in between selling the Governor’s luggage and kidnapping Baxter to hold for ransom.

The Alfond Democrats have passed some bills.  They made it easier to buy beer on St. Patrick’s Day.  Just recently, they passed a bill to ban minors from tanning beds.  Now, if only they were as concerned about the hospital debt as they are about beer and your daughter’s tan lines.

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