MacDonald Endorses Poliquin

In a development that may well influence and decide the Republican Primary in CD2, the mayor of Lewiston, Robert MacDonald, who won his office by a 61% margin, has endorsed former State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin.  The city of Lewiston is the largest populace in the 2nd District of Maine.  Still basking in the glow of his dominating victory, the popular former police detective was quick to announce his support for his fellow Lewiston native son.

MacDonald declared emphatically his belief that Poliquin was “the best State Treasurer Maine has ever had”.  He also made reference to Poliquin’s family roots by stating, “He’s an honest and hard-working Franco-American whose grandfather was born and raised in Lewiston”.  Poliquin’s French Catholic heritage will certainly help him with the voting demographics of Lewiston.

In Lewiston’s last Republican primary, Kevin Raye defeated Blaine Richardson by a little over a hundred votes, but 14% of the remaining Republican primary voters could not bring themselves to make a choice for either candidate and opted, instead, to leave their vote blank.  MacDonald’s obvious popularity and enthusiastic endorsement bodes well for Poliquin’s campaign as they work to reignite a passion in the Republican base, which was sorely lacking in the last election cycle.

While it is a well-known fact that I am supporting the Poliquin campaign, I thought it would be interesting to filter these new political developments through our own several biases.  It would seem to me that the majority of the impact endorsements are lining up in ever increasing numbers with strong statements for the Poliquin camp.  The pattern seems to be weighted in his favor and I would wager more endorsements from conservative leaders and organizations are on the horizon. The coalition is forming and its gaining strength.

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