You’re Free to have My Opinion



The recent events surrounding the forced resignation of Brendan Eich from Mozilla FireFox have Americans from all walks of life enraged that such a blatant degradation of the basic rights of the individual should happen in this Nation. Mr. Eich was forced to resign and write a letter of apology to homosexuals after it was learned he made a donation to a Pro-Traditional family organization. It is more than ironic that the CEO for the organization that demanded Eich’s resignation is also “guilty” of making a donation to the same organization.


This travesty against American freedom is coiling around the framework of our Nation’s foundation like the slither of a constricting snake, binding and crushing until all freedom and life are gone. A fellow worker grilled a staffer from Penn State until she “admitted” that she supported traditional marriage. She was terminated. Craig James, former New England Patriot running back turned analyst for Fox Sports was heard voicing his support for traditional marriage. He was dismissed from Fox Sports.


The litany of attacks on Christians and Conservatives over this issue goes on and on. We were promised this would not happen. Homosexuals simply wanted equal standing and the same rights as heterosexuals. But it seems expressing an opinion, I believe we call it free speech, is a right afforded only to certain persuasions and ideologies. All others must be silenced. Even liberal commentator Bill Maher calls this the beginning of the “gay mafia”.


Free speech is a Right, but marriage is not. Still, this fallacy is the foundation for much of the gay marriage agenda. They believe that homosexuals have been discriminated against. They demand the same “right” to marriage as heterosexuals. But marriage is not a right. It is a rite. For some a religious rite, for others a rite of passage, a coming of age, and these rites are influenced by the social structure and ethnicity of the families, which pass down these traditions, these rites.


Traditional marriage is protected under the Constitution in at least two different areas: The Freedom of Religion (Religious Rites) and the Pursuit of Happiness (Social and Ethnic Rites). These are the two basic reasons the persecuted sought out the New World: To worship as they pleased and to raise their children in the way they saw fit. Ah, but we the enlightened have legislated to the American people that the heterosexual traditions of marriage, created by heterosexuals for heterosexuals for the purpose of passing traditions on to posterity, are no longer protected, do not belong to them exclusively, and must be handed over to homosexuals on the basis that homosexuals are predisposed to their sexual orientation.


By law, we have now entered into the private lives of every American and given government the authority to sit in judgment of every tradition passed down through family generations. Those who hold the power of government can dictate to you your faith, your values, and your home. If you disagree with this “enlightenment”, you are to be silenced, your livelihood taken away, and who knows what other persecutions will be meted out to you for the sin of an opinion.


While the majority of scientists agree that there is no proof of a genetic disposition to homosexuality, still we as Americans are allowing our freedoms to be trampled for the sake of a hypothesis. Therein lies the greatest travesty of all. The fault lies with us.


Sir Edmund Burke famously said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Our Nation is filled with good men, good women, but we have sat silently as our liberties are being squeezed out all around, all in the name of tolerance to a lifestyle choice. So, who then is to blame for our family traditions held hostage, our fellow citizens brutalized by the “gay mafia”, and the fundamental fabric of our Nation torn apart? The silence is deafening.

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