Congressman Poliquin Tours Togus

Yesterday, U.S. Congressman Bruce Poliquin toured the VA facilities here in Maine at Togus.  He spent time with many of the veterans there along with interviewing staff and leadership.  Poliquin has asked for reports from the leadership detailing the status and operation of the Veterans Hospital there.  Though not stated in his presser, TMCV believes there was a twofold purpose in his visit there. First to show the respect and gratitude that so many of his constituents feel towards our veterans.  Secondly, to put the hospital on notice that they will need to give an accounting to his office on the practices and treatments, both medical and fiscal, administered by this Federally funded institution.  Of his visit, Poliquin states, ”  After my visit today, I am more committed than ever to doing everything possible to make sure our Maine heroes they earned, were promised and deserve.”   He goes on further to say that he has “spoken with the Inspector General’s office for an update on their report.  Once complete, I look forward to reviewing their findings.”

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