Poliquin Reacts to the President’s Veto of Keystone Pipeline/Questions cuts to VA

With the news of a Presidential veto of Keystone Pipeline, Bruce Poliquin expressed his disappointment by releasing a statement from his office. “It’s a shame that the President put politics before policy by vetoing the construction of the Keystone Pipeline,” said the Congressman from Maine’s second district, noting that the project would create 40,000 new jobs and drive down the costs of heating for Mainers.  He reiterated his resolve to stay committed to fighting for job creating policies, citing the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act which he supports.

More For Veterans

In other developments, Poliquin has joined with other colleagues in the House of Representative in asking the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Secretary, Robert McDonald, the reasons for cutting funds to the Veteran’s Access, Choice and Accountability Act.  This Act was intended to alleviate the wait time periods and help facilitate access for those  veterans in rural areas through Veteran’s Choice.  In the presser, Poliquin posted a list of questions sent to the Secretary along with a copy of the letter specifically asking why the President’s new budget needs to raid funds from this benefit set aside for veterans.

2 comments on “Poliquin Reacts to the President’s Veto of Keystone Pipeline/Questions cuts to VA

  1. What shame , its their agenda their goal. They are Socializing America and getting it ready to take in the whole world and the Republicans are caving in. Obama and the left could never have gotten away with this without the Republicans approval. Wake up America its to late!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ummmmm, its a veto Al…. the legislature doesn’t veto, Al, the President does. Its really a shame to see how so many are hoping for Mr. Poliquin to fail and cannot bring themselves to approve of anything he does, even if it means forming a grievance that has nothing to do with the post. Again Al, you are not reading anything I post.

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