Another Article on The Summit Project

Just saw a great article by Ashley Conti in Bangor Daily News on The Summit Project hike.  Ashley hiked with us to the peak of Borestone to cover the hike for BDN.  We were impressed with her hiking abilities.  It was obvious that she had done this a few times more than most us. What impressed all of us the most, though, was her willingness to help out one of our hikers who could not finish the hike because of injury by carrying the memorial stone to the top.  She didn’t have to but she willingly offered and it really meant a lot to all of us.

I know I tend to grab an issue and run with it.  I typically apologize and….actually…, I don’t.  So don’t expect me to now.  If you look at the video footage Ashley has taken of the Borestone hike you will understand why so many people are so excited about The Summit Project and why you should be too.  Read her piece here.


(Maine Heroes Are Never Forgotten)

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