Clumsy, Emily, Clumsy

In another clumsy move from Emily Ican’tfunctionintherealworldsoI’lljustrunforCongressagain Cain, the erstwhile Democrat immediately falsely accused the Republican balanced budget proposal, passed by the House, of hurting seniors. What a novel scare tactic?  We haven’t heard that before, have we? Yes, that’s sarcasm.  Ironically, the professional student turned professional politician has made no effort to retract her claim even in light of the bi-partisan bill to protect Medicare for seniors, supported by Bruce Poliquin, that has passed the house. Its still more than ironic that no Democrats have even made mention of the ongoing investigation into Operation Choke Point, which was used by the FDIC to target businesses.  Bruce Poliquin has been very vocal in his disapproval of these unconstitutional acts, but the perpetually campaigning Emily Cain seems to have developed an aversion for facts and protecting Maine businesses from government overreach.

There is no word yet from Cain’s running mate, Blaine Richardson, on his opinion on her opinion or if he has an opinion other than “I just hate everything Bruce Poliquin does”.

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