King Me, Desperate!

A lot can be discovered about one’s beliefs and convictions by the decisions we make in the crucible of passion and desperation. Our mettle is tested when we are faced with the stark realization that the burden of the beliefs we claim to treasure may preclude us from traveling down the path well trodden joining the choral swell of the populace euphoria. For all our preaching, the pomp and bluster are mere words when life’s practicum calls the bluff demanding validation of our zealous verbiage and we capitulate.


How we have railed against this President for trampling the Constitution. We have questioned the reasoning of those that voted for him and supported his policies. But irony always prevails, doesn’t it, and the pendulum swings both ways.


Eight years ago the nation was desperate for change. Unhappy with what they saw in government but not sure of what changes they wanted and what the repercussions were, the voters were ripe to be plucked by a persona with lofty well-crafted speeches with ambiguous substance trimmed in utopian promises. Now, eight years later, there is a growing bipartisan pall that has settled over our Nation as we realize that the actions of our top executive and congress has not done the good promised, but has accelerated and exacerbated the Nation’s downward spiral.


So, we are desperate all the more. Now, with all the bluster and blow of a circus barker, a new persona has emerged to tantalize the desperate hearts of Americans yearning for a man with the solution. Therein lies the greatest problem we face in this Nation.


This Republic was designed, from its foundation, to be a Nation, which found its solutions through the people of that Nation. No one man could ever have a solution for we the people were built to repel that very notion. Yet Americans, in their desperation, have in recent years begun to seek out a man, an individual to solve their problems rather than solve the problem themselves and the Republic crumbles.


America has weathered and recovered from disaster in the form of war, nature, and poor leadership time and time again. It is not the fallout from poor leadership that cripples our Nation; it is the causal mechanism of that fallout, which left in place, causes irreparable damage to the people. Still, in desperation, we go from bad to bad “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.”


Anyone with a nominal understanding of government knows that most of Donald Trump’s grand promises cannot be accomplished without the use of Executive fiat, the very thing so many of us were appalled to see Barack Obama abuse. Yet those who claim to support an adherence to the Constitution are willing to behave like Sarah Palin and swoon at his feet like a teenage schoolgirl. And then there are the many social conservatives who have tossed aside their convictions to bask in the hope of new savior. Why such a quick change in beliefs?


The answer is really not that difficult. It’s simply a matter of conviction. We can toss aside the Constitution in tough times because we really don’t believe in it. We can trample the Bible as Christians because we simply don’t believe in it anymore. They are merely icons, verbiage, and a trophy we pull out to prove a point or gain an edge.


Our desperation exposes us. We are too impatient to wait for the Republic to fix itself like it was designed to do. So now again, to the throngs of the desperate masses a persona rises once more and cries out, “King Me, O’ desperate fool!”

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