Round Two


Testimony was heard today on LD 96 in committee. From all accounts it seems as if the many who spoke in opposition to this bill may have won the day. It is important, though,that the people of Maine remain vigilant and maintain a watch on the actors and players in Augusta.

TMCV has just been made aware of another bill, LD 527, An Act To Prohibit Corporal Punishment In Schools, that is being brought before committee tomorrow. The language in this bill is so vague and broad it would apply to all forms of schools including homeschooling. This is just another thinly veiled attempt for a way that education bureaucrats can leverage their agenda and control into the private homes of Maine people.

It’s short notice. TMCV has just found out. The hearing is tomorrow at 1 pm in room 202 at the Cross Building in Augusta. Those who can should speak out against it, as I fear it is another bill that has a sinister goal to limit liberties of Maine’s sovereign citizens.

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