Tuesday Truth

This is really a housekeeping measure: I welcome and enjoy the thoughtful and provocative comments that many readers have sent my way. Here’s the rub. No matter your viewpoint, if you cannot express yourself without foul language or degrading and insulting those you disagree with, I will not post your comments.

Don’t try to create some twisted contorted fantasy of a 1st Amendment violation. This is my private site and I try to comport myself with some modicum of decency. I monitor comments so that TMCV reflects that decency. This is no different than if you were at my home and cussed in front of my wife and kids, I promptly cleaned your clock, and then tossed you out the door, with emphatic instruction not to come back until you cleaned up your act.

Still if you want to accuse me of such a violation, if its clean, I’ll publish it. I enjoy a good laugh. But in the end, I am the purveyor of The Maine Conservative Voice and I’ll run it the way I choose.

Andy Torbett

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