Monday Irony

Teenage political activists that want to be treated like adults until they are treated like adults and adult celebrities, media, and activists that say it’s wrong to criticize teenagers then wonder why teenagers won’t accept criticism.

3 comments on “Monday Irony

  1. No holds barred : If one wishes to be treated as & Adult one must except all that entails ,including the very backlash for which they receive .Especially when acting speaking as a ill-informed ill- eduacated – CLOWN. Clearly MILLENNIALs in large part are merely naively, munipulated ignoramus’s .
    Where in God’s name is what once was a high school level grauduation required course on Civics.

  2. Joseph, I appreciate your passion but, as I have said on numerous occasions, if you can’t express yourself without cussing or name calling, I will not post your comments. This post got past me, so I’m going to leave it up with an edit of the posterior metaphor. Also, when insulting a person’s or persons’ level of education, I highly recommend a proofread and use of spellcheck.

  3. Suggestion: Read Webster’s dictionaries Difinitions For the two words ASS CLOWNS ,You my brother claime slipped by you. Neither of which may or might even be considered cuss words, Foul words or improper used. ( Ass, beast of burden ,A quadrupled of equine genus, this animal has long slouching ears, – continued- He is slow but very sure footed continued. 2. A dull heavy stupid fellow ; A dolt.
    (Clown ) A man of coarse manners; an ill-bred man ; A rustic Hence,one who has the manners of a rustic.

    Others might utilise words for while I’ll informed of their meaning , I tend to utilize the Early American language with genuine purpose.
    Yes it is True some dolts write & or verbalize obtuse mean spirited language in & highly insulting manner .
    I agree with your sentiment if one were to knowingly use foul language in front of or directed towards either my Bride or children . They would quite quickly find themselves sipping their meals throw a straw.

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