Nose Cutting

It has reached epidemic proportions within the political realm.  Patience is no longer a virtue.  If the desired end is not reached immediately, if not sooner, then the foolish perpetrator of sloth and betrayal, who was foolish enough to offer to work towards that end, must be publicly excoriated, vilified and abandoned.  Who needs him, if he can’t microwave a miracle right now?

So it was last week, fresh off an air pressure sports scandal that wasn’t, we, the public, tried to conjure up another crisis that is just more hot air.  Bruce Poliquin made a vote that surprised many in a test vote, emphasis on test, in other words, not a real vote.  The Congressman used this test, not real vote, test vote as an opportunity to send his Republican colleagues a message that they should put some substance behind their symbolic votes.

How dare he???  He’s betrayed us!!!  We sent him down to Washington to stand against the status quo and….and…he’s doing it!  Who would have ever thought?  The travesty!!!  Heaven help us!!!

Meanwhile….Bruce Poliquin has been back at work doing what he promised he would in Washington, attacking ObamaCare. He’s just co-sponsored a bill to repeal the individual mandate.  He’s already supported bills to restore the full time worker classification back to 40 hrs rather than the 30 hrs and repeal the medical device tax.

Surprise!  There has been a flurry of proposals from Republicans for free-market solutions to healthcare.  It’s amazing what happens when the wheel very publicly squeaks.  And suddenly the congressional district, which was called the most insignificant in the United States, is very significantly impacting the healthcare debate.

Still, we are angry.  Why, because we want to be and we won’t let any explanations, facts, actions, and especially reasoning get in the way of our desire to be angry.  We prefer to listen to the statements of pathological liberal liars simply because we are invested in rage.

We are playing right into the designs of the left media here in Maine.  Columnists like Amy Fried have no qualms about lying to achieve their ends.  That end is to ensure that Bruce Poliquin is a one term representative.  She is well versed and proficient in her ability to toss false darts into the cauldron of those focused on fury and the melee ensues.

Her hope is to stoke enough rage, albeit misplaced, amongst Conservatives and Libertarians against Bruce Poliquin to ensure that Emily Cain is elected next election cycle.  Poliquin is doing the right thing by continuing to stay the course he has promised, and continue to visit Maine every weekend to talk to the people.  If Bruce has anything, he has courage.

It would be in our best interest here in the State of Maine to vacate this propensity to cut off our nose to spite our face just to make someone pay for a perceived offense.  This behavior does more damage than good. Given time and patience from his constituents, I believe Bruce Poliquin will do the job we sent him to do.