Stacked Deck or House of Cards

The smug and arrogant disdain that the Maine media has for its readers and Maine residents, for that matter, has reached new and disturbing heights this past month. Donald Sussman, the billionaire husband of prominent Democrat U.S. Representative Chellie Pingree, purchased the media group that owns The Portland Press Herald this past year.  Some merely attributed it to a tax write-off move, as the media conglomerate was hemorrhaging money.  Others, such as this columnist, proposed that, in light of the dismal fiscal outlook for the paper, there was a more sinister reason for the “timely” purchase of the media group.

The acquisition has conveniently come on the eve of his wife’s latest campaign for office.  But the cynical have been rebuked by those in the media for fabricating a conspiracy where none exists, until the recent revelations that Mr. Sussman’s papers have blocked any editorials which criticize his wife.  The media mogul’s defense of his wife would be admirable if his wife were not an elected official whose record and policy must be scrutinized and critiqued by her peers and constituents in an public campaign.  This latest flaunt of the stranglehold the liberal left have on print media here in Maine tells of a last desperate and very troubling stand the Democrats are more than willing to make to retake their power over Maine and crush the first flickering flames of reformation within this great State.

Democrats know that those outside of their media market are so disgusted by their lies and blatant propaganda, they either simply don’t vote and remain disenfranchised or they choose to find their information through different and more credible sources.  So they must focus on those still within the fold.  They must follow the Sussman model of blocking dissenting views from reaching the minds of those they control.

Democrats also know that they have been successful in blunting the reformation attempts of the Governor by manipulating the weak leadership of the Republican legislature.  The GOP has heard the outcry against the obstructionist tactics of the Democrats’ moderate allies within the Republican ranks.  It is more than likely, if Republicans can maintain a majority in November, the tepid moderate leadership of the legislature will be replaced with strong conservative leadership, which will work with the Governor rather than against him.  This will herald the acceleration of the much-needed reform to the State of Maine and portend the anticipated rollback of the fiscal gloom that Democrats have toiled so hard to blanket the economy of Maine with, statewide.  This is a crucial last stand for Democrats.  They are building the media firewall now.

These tactics are not relegated solely to the State of Maine.  On the national level, media, both print and televised, have arisen to once again shield the Democrat party from the light of scrutiny’s beacon.  The searing heat of objectivity and fact must not reach those they pet and worship.

For instance, we have the Buffet rule.  Economists state that if the rule were implemented, it would gain the government six billion dollars per year. What the media refuses to acknowledge is that the Obama administration is increasing the debt at a rate of six billion dollars per week.  So the Buffet rule is really just silly math not worthy of grade school discussion.  It’s more for a campaign to afford those who stand on the deck of America’s sinking fiscal ship, a bat to bludgeon those “vile rich people” who are the very ones trying to throw them a lifeline.

Ironically, Warren Buffet has not paid his income taxes in some time.  This seems to be a pattern amongst the friends of the President.  Perhaps if the media were honest, they could expose the fact that the Buffet Rule is simply a re-burnishment of the tired old Democrat adage that rules and regulations are for everyone else to obey and for Democrat allies to ignore.  Sadly, blinded by its own pride and agenda, the media will not scrutinize anything.

A wise man said, “Pride goes before a fall.”  The Democrats have been so smug in the pompous belief that they can say what they will with no repercussions, they grown less careful about covering their deeper darker motives.  Now perhaps, they have made a final fatal trip of the tongue.  Democrats have attacked America’s greatest and most treasured institution, our mothers.  Flippantly discounting the countless hours mothers labor to hold up the bedrock of this great society, the Party, whose symbol is an ass, is seeing their stacked deck crumbling like a house of cards.  Perhaps it would have been better for the media to strengthen their candidate and Party of choice with critique than to let them flounder in misbehavior without fear of the recourse of discovery.  Set to the plummet of fact, their structure of character may have been more substantial than a falling, fluttering tower of cards.