The End of the Matter


The End of the Matter


The end justifies the means is the mantra of some.  It was and is the tenet of many whom we would call left wing, socialist or progressive.  Surprisingly, lately it has been the standard of some who would call themselves Conservatives.  There are certain beliefs that Conservatives hold dear but, sadly, imposters have used them as a talisman to conjure loyalty in their followers.  The chanting of conservative rites in an effort to string together support for candidate, who may normally not have had the support of some sectors, is one the most notable achievements of the Ron Paul organization.

This columnist has met some of the most wonderful people in recent days as political winds of change surrounding Maine have swirled tumultuously carving their imprint into our landscape.  It has been striking that much of the rhetoric has not matched the actions of many in this movement.  There are some telling inconsistencies.

Local control has been the cry of conservatives nation-wide.  It is the surest way to maintain true, effective and accountable governance.  Interestingly, for all its trumpet and cry for local control, the Ron Paul campaign has been, in the days after the convention, maneuvering in an effort to gain control the Maine Republican Party’s resources.  If they were successful, they could channel these resources to their leader and his national interests.  This would leave State and County leadership considerably weakened, with little left to defend and fight for local races.  For a group that touts the value of local leadership, they certainly seem willing to sacrifice the future of their own State and Counties and pin all their hopes on a national election.

Ron Paul is a Libertarian.  One of the mainstays of libertarians is concept of social tolerance.  Yet strangely enough, Ron Paul has either had an election time conversion or many of my good social conservative friends are willing to compromise their personal beliefs to follow a Libertarian.  It has been interesting to hear the second thoughts from some of my dear friends as the newly empowered Libertarian contingent begins to make its push to eliminate social issues from the Maine Republican Party.  Is there perhaps some buyer’s remorse?

All who are Conservatives have universally held that change must be made now if our children are to have any hope of a bright future and a nation of freedom.  But with the collapse of the Maine Republican Convention and reports of similar shenanigans by Ron Paul followers in Oklahoma, the future of our little ones is desperate, shamefully so.  We still have no assurances that Maine delegates can be seated nationally after the Tweed Chair debacle.  If the delegates are seated, which is probable for the sake of party peace, the elections commission may not honor Maine electors.  Now is Oklahoma in question and will more States tumble into the Paul collapse?  This columnist fears that the Nation could do the right thing and elect a Republican President.  But if enough electors are invalidated, Barack Obama could win by default.  Ron Paul may have achieved the end he envisioned, but the means could have irrevocable repercussions.  And what is the justification?