Malaise is defined by Webster as a “vague feeling of illness”.  A more apt description of Augusta’s fiscal policies could not be found anywhere.  As Maine continues to struggle to overcome a worsening fiscal convalescence, there is a simple solution; a cure if you will,….smaller government.
A collective shudder of pain just ran through the nerve endings of liberals from Peter Mills to Olympia Snowe right over to Anna Pingree.  The very thought of relinquishing their stranglehold on Maine’s financial future would be a horror something akin to a Stephen King fantasy; after all, it’s important that Mainers be reminded how much we need the government.
Nothing is more disconcerting to an overbearing matron then to have her wards sawing away at the tightly wound apron strings she’s worked so hard to over lace them with.  To prevent this, Socialist do their matronly best to discourage those in their clutches from having any confidence in their ability to navigate the free world of financial independence.  They do this by blinding and addicting people with entitlements.  Many Mainers find themselves caught in a sickening cycle of sub par salaries and consequential bailout handouts which leave us despairing that there is even a hope of prosperity.  We then resign ourselves to government programs….and the apron strings tighten.

But Liberals face a crisis in Maine.  One of their own making.  The entitlement bait that Democrats (and Peter Mills) use to enslave Maine comes with a price tag.  The strident call to “pay up” is reaching a deafening pitch; unfortunately, Augusta has driven most of the individuals who can foot the bill out of Maine.  Those addicted to the entitlement “Turkish Delight” certainly won’t pitch in….so what now!

There was the promise of stimulus money, but that doesn’t seem to be working out very well.  Ambulance services in Piscataquis county are being informed the stimulus payments for unpaid services are now being rescinded.  The only stimulus the ambulance companies received was the momentary stimulating thought that they might get paid.  Thankfully, there is some good news.  I was told of a recent report (I kid you not.) that announced that stimulus funds were being used to find out how many lobster traps are at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Maine.  Phew!….are you as glad as I am that Maine has finally got its priorities straight?  Because the last thing I would want is our hard working  ambulance personnel to get paid when we can have a lost lobster trap census!

So January is looming large for Democrats (and Peter Mills).  The question for liberals is how to maintain an over bloated monstrous socialist government without any money?  Oh, but those cagey socialist already have a built in fail safe.  It’s called mandates.

What are mandates you ask?  I’m so glad you asked because I want to tell you.  Mandates are specific services that, through legislative action, the state government requires  the local government to provide in return for subsidies…money.  If the local government does not provide these services they are penalized by the state.  Mandates, by the way, are a screaming violation of the Constitution;  for those who remember what that document is.

Now Augusta has no money to support its socialist agenda.  So how do they maintain the size of government?  Why they just shift the burden to the local government, that’s how.  You see, liberals can never acknowledge failure.  They deflect blame and responsibility.  Our local towns will be faced with the crushing task of holding up a behemoth government.  The towns can’t pay for the mandates without subsidies.  The state can’t pay the subsidies.  The towns will be penalized if they don’t keep the state’s promise for them….because Augusta Democrats (and Peter Mills) made promises they can’t keep  your towns will have to raise your taxes to support Big Augusta…..

…Or the towns could show some spine and say….NO!!!!  Mainers let’s unite and tell our selectmen not to knuckle under to Augusta.  Augusta made this mess!  Let them clean it up!  Remember that government cannot solve the problem because it is the problem.  Lets send some conservatives to Augusta in 2010 to start shrinking government.  It is the only solution.

So as Augusta liberals try to maintain power without keeping promises to its people, just remember when an ambulance speeds by you to an emergency on borrowed time that somewhere out in the Gulf of Maine a little lost lobster trap will soon be coming home.

4 comments on “MANDATE MALAISE

  1. In this sentence, “As Maine continues to struggle to overcome a worsening fiscal convalescence” did you perhaps intend to use the word convulsion rather than convalesence? The latter word I do not understand in this context.

  2. Convalescence refers to the state of trying to recover from sickness and it seems that the state of Maine is always in that position.

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