I’m really not gloating, I promise; although, I did post a blog on “the Maine Republican Hick” the eve of the Presidential election by this title. In this blog, I wrote some predictions on what I thought Sarah Palin’s introduction into the national spotlight would do to the political arena and to the voting citizenry. Much of my predictions are coming to fruition, but, be assured, I am not patting myself on the back….at all….really….I would never…..think…of doing….that…but did I mention that I wrote a blog/column called “The Palin Proclamation” in….(ahem)…ok, moving on.

I have found the hatred and fear of Sarah Palin startling even after I predicted it. (note to reader: extensive patting of ones own back can cause painful cramping in ones arm.) I think Governor Palin put it best by stating the hatred and disdain of her is really a hatred and disdain of middle America. This is not an overreach. Liberal elites are terrified of the idea of empowering middle America. If middle America were to be aroused and mobilized it would toll the death knell of elite aristocracy.

So the “Terror of Sarah” continues to mount. Elites attacked her at her weakest point, her children, causing her to fall back and regroup. To their utter consternation, Sarah Palin is back again stronger then ever. This is not what the political and media establishment expected. You see, elites have grown quite comfortable in their ability to exploit the average Americans greatest weakness; their families.

Sarah Palin is providing the blueprint to the rest of her fellow citizens on how to bring down the beast of elitism. Ironically, it seems she is incorporating the very facet of her life that the media deemed most vulnerable; family.

As I watch the media coverage of the Palin book tour, I see hints of a new protection strategy. Brief glimpses of the extended family of Todd and Sarah Palin begin to emerge as they weave a web of armor around their children. So the very thing elites disdain as weakness is becoming veritable fortress around the little Palins.

Still, the “Terror of Sarah” continues to climb. This wasn’t supposed to happen. The Media elite were certain that after they sent their rabid dogs after Bristol, Willow, and Trigger that Todd and Sarah Palin would retreat protectively to their “place” in Wasilla. It seems the “retreat” had far more to do with strategy than capitulation.

From the dust of what seemed a political misstep has arisen a political force. Yes the Palins have emerged stronger, but it is what has emerged with them that has elitist terror reaching derangement levels. “Average” Americans are beginning to put their feet into the political arena.

Like the mother who holds her nose in a dogged determination to clean her teenage son’s room, wholesome honest everyday Americans are holding their nose against the stench of Republican and Democrat elites and entering the fray of Sarah Palin’s battle. They have set aside race, religion and even small political differences in a pursuit of one goal. That goal is to bring down the dragon of the arrogant political establishment.

In our state of Maine and in other states across the country, people who normally would have recoiled at the thought of entering politics are doing so because they realize now that our Governments are too big, too arrogant, and too out of touch. This is the Palin Proclamation. We proclaim to Big Government , “Your days are numbered!”

Yet, I can’t believe it is completely contingent upon Governor Palin.

I hope it is not. We must temper our enthusiasm with the knowledge the Governor is afflicted with the same ailment we all have and that is human frailty. The attacks on the Palins will only increase feverishly. The opportunity for failure is high. With this in mind, we must resolve not to follow but , rather, stand beside the Palins in this fight.

Our cause is just. Big arrogant government must be brought back to where it belongs amongst the people. As we continue to fight and the elitist beast continues to froth its frenzied attacks, there may be casualties and disappointments. It should not dampen our resolve. For the sake of the generations to come, we must dismantle the elite political establishment. Government in this state and in our nation must once again be “for the people and by the people.” Maine Conservatives Unite!

4 comments on “THE PALIN PROCLAMATION (A Prophecy?)

  1. Thanks for your insight! You are right to remind us that we can’t put all our eggs in one basket! It is not fair for us to hold up Sarah Palin (who I support) to be the one person to fix our many problems. We need hundreds of “Sarahs” and we need to encourage and support them all when they stand up and take a stand.

  2. Thank you Bob S for the compliments and the link. I’m hoping that all of us who share conservative view for change will unite. It starts here in our state of Maine in 2010.

  3. So right Sharon! We do need “hundreds of Sarahs” and hundreds of Todds too. Its time for a revolution.

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