The change we can believe in has indeed come and while, yes, change to our nation’s fabric is happening, there is a more monumental transformation revolutionizing America. In this alteration, there may be true hope. Americans are learning to think the unthinkable.

In times past, our hope for the best in our leaders was a trust politicians routinely exploited. Viewing themselves as the benevolent shepherds to mindless sheep, they played an elaborate masquerade each election cycle to try confuse the emotions of the voters. Promises made, policy makers moved back to their gilded halls with no intent of ever keeping those promises. Citizens were just a means to an end. Employees of the great government factory.

Still Americans hoped that our leaders were simply bound by bureaucracy and, if they had their way, certainly they would work in the best interest of the people. Truly, we thought, our leaders could never have their own agenda, betterment in mind. Could they? Perhaps the scales are beginning to fall from our eyes.

In the Presidential election, Americans were introduced to a man who espoused revolutionary ideas. Then Senator Obama, complained that the Constitution was a seriously flawed document with only negative liberties. He expressed his frustration that the Constitution only told Government what it couldn’t do and not what Government could do, refusing to acknowledge, what I’m sure he knows, that this was exactly what our forefathers intended to do. They wanted Government to do as little as possible.

A shiver ran down through our American core, but we shook it off. He couldn’t really mean that! A true American would never say that. He must have been misquoted. So we elected him.

Immediately legislation after legislation was hurled against the Constitution until this final behemoth stands before us. Hiding behind an early morning haze, the Congress passed a blatantly unconstitutional healthcare bill. Why? Michelle Obama said her husband knows we need a new set of traditions.

Poll after poll has consistently held healthcare dead last on American’s priority list. Yet it is the President’s and Congress’s top priority. A giant stick in the eye to the American people. Not Government for the people but Government owns the people. Maybe, the real reason the President wants this bill is because it is unconstitutional . Tell me, what will happen when a new entitlement is handed out then suddenly pulled back because it is unconstitutional? Entitlement seekers will be crying out in tantrum like dismay and those forced into the program will have no other alternative plan to seek. The Benevolent Ones will sadly tell us that we can’t have this new variety of “Turkish delight” because of that bad old “negative” Constitution. Oh, who can save us? Is there no hope and change we can believe in?

Ah, but here comes Barack, because “Barack knows”, with a new set of traditions; a new bill of rights plucked straight from the Communist revolution. The right to work, the right to Government wages, the right to Government healthcare. Thankfully Americans are starting to smell socialism and they find the stench repugnant.

American are realizing now that he is just as socialist as he said he was. He wasn’t misquoted. He said he wanted to destroy capitalism and redistribute wealth. He has kept his word and is doing it as quickly as possible. We now clearly see his agenda and it is not to represent the people; but rather, repress the people.

Socialism is unmasked for all to see. It is an elitist political system. Socialism exploit’s the majority for the benefit of the minority. That is why a President is willing to spend our tax dollars to exempt one state from paying Medicare taxes. The other forty-nine states will have to foot the bill for the “Cornhusker Kickback”. Our first socialist President has no qualms with taking our money and buying off a Louisiana Senator with three hundred million dollars to help her state pay the new Medicare taxes. All in all, at the time of this writing, thirteen democratic senators have made deals for state exemption from this healthcare bill in return for their vote. If this bill is so great for the nation why are so many democrats begging out of their own bill. Oh, I know. Those conservative senators who voted against the bill, they can pay the tab. Once again fiscally conservative prosperous states will carry the load of socialist states ineptness. Once again we see the picture of socialism. Only a few elites can shop the “goodie” aisles while the rest of us who work to pay for the “goodies” must shop the barren aisles.

Socialism has also proven once again that it functions through the exploitation of children. All the while clamoring they work for our children, our Government enslaves our children to a mountain of debt to pay for their agenda.

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