Flat Earthers

The term “flat earthers” has been used by environmentalists to demean and ridicule any disagreement with their views for some time now. The intent is to portray those who call for moderation or, more specifically, a compromise between the need for a robust economy and environmental safeguards, as blithering idiots out of touch with the modern intellect. As with anything else, a closer examination usually finds those who find smug satisfaction in name calling and smear tactics don’t often stay long enough in front of mirrored objects to participate in any meaningful self-examination.

A comparative research of prosperous state economies versus depressed state economies can yield many and various reasons for the differences, but even a layman can see that the one constant determinant factor is the effective or ineffective use of natural indigenous resources. It has become an imperative that our state leaders become genuinely engaged in this discourse.

The emphasis should be on genuine. Too often, Augusta seems to lack the intestinal fortitude to stand up to environmental extremism and take the necessary steps to bring a ray of warming hope to Maine’s perpetual fiscal winter. Simply put, Maine needs to utilize its bounty of natural resources.

As usual our state leaders are sluggish, that may be kind, to recognize the economic disaster their negligence has created. While the citizens of Maine clamor for a release from the chains of environmentalism, we are, instead, handed token promises to “address” the issue. Then, for our winter entertainment, political lapdogs, formerly know as legislators, capitulate once again to special interest.

In light of the “climategate” e-mails, you would think lawmakers would be rushing to ease business restrictions and lift the crushing weight of “eco-friendly” taxes; after all, weren’t they just as frustrated as we were that the impending global disaster demanded we all make personal sacrifices. One would expect that lawmakers would be relieved, perhaps, even overjoyed that the weather data was skewed, and jump at the chance to withdraw many of the roadblocks to personal prosperity. We can only pray that, in the rush to repeal these burdensome eco-taxes, no helpless bystanders are crushed in the frantic melee to reach the voting switch.

One of the reasons given for the strangulating tax burden placed on business is restrictions would force businesses to operate with less impact on the eco-system. In a testament to American ingenuity, many businesses have learned to adapt. So why are we being told we can’t drill for natural gas in the Gulf of Maine? The technology exists for minimal impact on the ocean floor, while providing an immediate economic boom to our state; instead, we have a windmill project going up off an island on the Maine coast.

Experts tell us that technology does not exist, nor will soon exist, that creates a power grid that can contain and utilize effectively the intermittent power current from a windmill. Technology does exist to support low impact drill rigs far out in the Gulf of Maine away from the coastline, and, creates many jobs; but, environmentalists prefer the windmill. It should, at least, be a great attraction for Windjammer cruises.

With all the technology today debunking the anti-business myths and the global warming theory unraveling, environmentalists still cling religiously to an agenda that kills prosperity for their fellow citizens. Even in the face of new technological advances that pave the way to a new horizon of prosperity that can conjoin with a healthy environment, envirozealots will not allow government to move towards the future. So then, tell me, who are the real “flat earthers”?

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