June 14, 2010                                                                                          Contact: Andy Torbett                                                                                                                        564-9071

There will be a fundraiser dinner and auction for the Piscataquis County Republican Party directly following the Tea Party in Dover-Foxcroft on June 19, 2010.  The Tea Party will be held at the gazebo in the Kiwanis Park next to the YMCA building on Park St..  Speakers to include Republican Gubernatorial nominee Paul Lepage, Jason Levesque Republican candidate for Congress, Andy Torbett local columnist and activist, Ted Cowan author of the new Republican Platform, Pete the Carpenter, Mark Kirk of TaxPayers United, and music by John Q. Public.  Representative Paul Davis will emcee the event.  This gathering will start at approximately 2 pm and run until 4 pm.  Following the festivities, attendees will be encouraged to make their way down Park St. to the American Legion Hall were at 5pm the hunger pains brought on by a day of Patriotic revelry can be quelled by a hearty plate of lasagna with fixings, drink, and desert. Cost is $5 per adult, 12 to 5 year olds are only $2, and children under 5 are free.  With the money saved on this wonderful economical meal, generous adults should have plenty of money left over to participate in the fun filled auction which will be the days finale.  Paul Davis will be the auctioneer.  All are invited to this great day to celebrate our cherished freedoms and support The Piscataquis County Republican Party.

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