A Busted Level

We know the tactics.  We’ve seen them before, and now that they are cornered, we will be treated to another election cycle of mind numbing redundancy with a bit more vitriol to spice it up.  If the Democrats are anything, they are consistent.  I say that… kindly.

My friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, and I were working on a camp in the far reaches of North Schoodic Lake.   While crawling beneath the camp in the mud between broken bottles of Dr. Zhivago’s famous elixir and carcasses of various rodents of unusual size, we discussed Augusta’s arrogant disregard for the residents of Maine.  What… what do you mean you don’t believe we were… we were too!!  You mean to tell me, when you are crawling around in the mud with about four inches clearance for your head between broken bottles of Dr. Zhivago’s famous elixir and rodents of unusual size, you don’t discuss politics.  Well, I’m sorry, I don’t use that kind of language.  Rehashing the various and sundry ways the Democrats preen and primp their blind self-absorbed detachment from reality is the closest this preacher’s kid will ever come to swearing.

So anyway… as we lay, slowly settling into the dark muddy underworld of Schoodic Lake, I asked my friend, who is still anonymous, wet and muddy, but anonymous, what would happen to us as sopping wet businessmen if we were to repeat the same catastrophic mistake over and over again?  What if I, a carpenter, found that one of my levels was faulty giving me false readings?  How would I be viewed in the world of the trades if I were so attached to that little four-foot level that I continued to use it, despite all the evidence that it was wrong?  (i.e., leaning walls, fellow tradesmen wanting to wring my neck and employers wishing to fire me.)  It all seems rather ridiculous to average Mainers, doesn’t it?  Yet, Democrats continue to do this very thing.

An overburdened, overtaxed Maine is not working.  Instead of acknowledging this and changing course, liberal Democrats like Libby Mitchell and Eliot Cutler, are pulling the same faulty tools out to fix the problem.  Now they have come up with a mileage tax.  Yes, you see, frugal Mainers in hard times don’t travel as much.  Consequently, Maine is not receiving enough toll revenue.  Now we can’t have Mainers saving money, can we?  Not when Democrats can steal it.  So, Democrats propose to tax you for every mile you drive.  Yes, the moment you crank up Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the morning, to the time she coughs to a stop at night, not only will it cost you fuel, wear and tear to try to survive in Maine’s socialist state, but now it will cost you for just rolling.

I know, I know, you are thinking it is time to buy a horse.  Well, how do you know the liberals haven’t got that covered, too?  Who’s to say taxocrats won’t implant a counter in the buttocks, I love that word, of your horse for every time it steps?  I would suspect they would also attach a laser trigger across the dairyair of your “vehicle.”  If your horse should happen to pass carbon fumes or something more substantial, this would trigger the infamous flatulence tax, increasing your transportation budget exponentially.  Heaven forbid, the poor animal should get into a batch of bad hay.  Your household could incur the kind of debt only a liberal can embrace.

So back to the mud in north Schoodic.  My friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, and I came to this conclusion.  Trust -fund Democrats have never held jobs in the real world.  They have never had to face the consequences of their own mistakes.  In my world when I screw up, I fix it.  Then I try my best not to do it again.  Democrats pass more legislation to cover up their mistakes.  Perhaps it is time to send these liberals back to the private sector on education in the real world.

Finally, I would like to announce that there will be a tea party in Dover –Foxcroft this Saturday, June 19, at the Kiwanis Park.  It will get started around two p.m. and goes to four o’clock.  Paul LePage and Jason Levesque will be speaking.  Paul Davis, the lion himself, will be the emcee.  They are even going to let me speak.  Afterwards, at five, there will be a lasagna dinner and auction for the Piscataquis County Republicans at the American Legion Hall.  I hope to see you all there.

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