A Good Time Had By All

If I told you sitting in the blazing son with an 80 plus degree heat index somewhere near 100 percent humidity was “ a good time had by all”, you might call me crazy.  Crazy enough that is exactly what happened Saturday at the Tea Party in Dover-Foxcroft.  Those attending seemed impervious to the sweltering temperatures and sat attentively through two hours of speeches, shouting and cheering the speakers on.

The leadership for the Tea Party that I met, Gene Goodine, Dwight Patterson, and Amy Hale, had expressed a hope for at least 50 for the kick-off event.  In true Piscataquis County fashion, we doubled expectations.  It truly was a great start and I am so proud of my fellow County residents for coming out and showing their true Conservative colors.  It was great to see people from neighboring Counties coming to be a support.

In the past I was told, the Tea Party has had difficulty getting a gathering organized in the Red County.  After some meditation on that point, I think there is a simple explanation.  Much of what the Tea Party stands for, and is fighting for, has been part of the Piscataquis fabric for many years.  Since Barack Obama was elected, much of the Nation has begun to revolt against him.  Let’s remember that, before he was elected, Piscataquis County revolted against him.  It is fun now to see the rest of the Nation, even the rest of New England, join the revolution.

Those at the gathering were enthusiastically supportive of Jason Levesque, who I really believe will be our next Representative from the 2nd District.  The way Mike Michaud keeps avoiding this guy is a good indication that Nancy Pelosi’s favorite puppy is shaking on his leash at the thought of having to take on a real Republican Conservative who will expose Mr. Michaud’s cowardice and hypocrisy.

For the Conservatives of the Tea Party and the Red County Caucus, the excitement of the day was the opportunity to hear the next Governor of the State of Maine, Paul LePage.  He addressed the enthusiastic crowd and reminded them of the importance of electing Republicans to the House and Senate to help him in November, to change the tax and spend culture in Augusta.  At the end of his speech, Mayor LePage encouraged everyone to meet him at the Legion Hall for a fundraising supper and auction.

Paul Davis, who emceed the Tea Party, was the auctioneer at the fundraiser.  Paul is always entertaining and certainly did his best to play to a full house at the Legion Hall.  Everyone had a fun-filled evening and, thanks to the generosity of the residents of Piscataquis County, and also neighboring counties, the coffers of the Piscataquis County Republican Party have a little more to work with.  Patty Davis and her crew of ladies put on a spectacular meal.  If I tried to list all those amazing women, I’d miss one and be in trouble.  Just know, that I, the Chairman of Piscataquis County, appreciate your hard work so much.

As I said last week, the folks from the Tea Party movement were too kind to invite “yours truly” to speak.  I must admit I was more than a little nervous, as I have not spoken publicly in some time.  Everyone was so patient and encouraging that it made it easy to get over the jitters.

So many have come forward to encourage this columnist with words, letters and warm handshakes, that I feel compelled to, in this weeks column, take some time to express my gratitude.  I have always felt since 2008 that my wife and I are a part of, what I have called, “The Palin Proclamation.”  This is ordinary people proclaiming to the political establishment, who has made such a mess, that it is time for “We the People” to clean house.  I began to write op-eds for local papers just as a way to vent and express myself.  Soon, this paper offered a column space.  I then established a blog web site.  Many of you have shaken my hand and said that, “The Maine Conservative Voice” indeed gives them a voice. That has been my hope and continues to be my goal.  I have long said that Conservatism was not dead in Maine.  It was just suffering from a severe case of apathy.  As I watched so many Saturday speak of a resolute desire to bring a Conservative Revolution to Maine, I was relieved that perhaps I was not crazy as some had thought I was.  If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!

One comment on “A Good Time Had By All

  1. Good stuff, Rouss!!!! Your speech brought tears to my eyes – powerful!!! Can’t wait to read MORE…!!!!

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