The Sebec Boys

Here is my Speech from The Tea Party:

There is cause for celebration in Maine.  There is cause for us to hope.  We have won a great victory for our beloved State.  Against all odds, we the voters have put a strong Conservative on the ballot for Governor and have sent an emphatic message to Augusta that we the people have had enough.  It is important to acknowledge that, while Paul Lepage and Jason Levesque can be a catalyst to a Conservative Revolution, it is we, the voting public, who are the army that can bring this Revolution to a complete victory in November.

In a war of ideals, every victory celebration is tempered by the knowledge that another battle looms upon the horizon.  Brothers and Sisters, our enemy’s only hope to defeat us is to divide us.  In the days and months to come, the liberals will hurl every insult they can devise.  They will characterize Conservatives as those who lack intelligence.  They will try to depict those of us who are working to bring a better future for our children as somehow lacking compassion.  The Democrats will try once again to convince us that passing our debts on to our children and grandchildren is a far better expression of compassion.  Our enemies will try to divert our attention from our goal by twisting the words of our candidates, hoping we will chase down every rabbit trail these socialist “uncover”.  But what our opponents don’t realize is that Mainers have one natural resource that cannot be taxed and depleted.  That resource is common sense.  We can see through these tactics.

Fellow Mainers, my call to you today is simply this: Stay Unified!  We cannot be defeated if we will link our arms and move towards a singular goal.  We hold in our hands an opportunity to give back to our children what Augusta and Washington has stolen from them.  The task falls to us, for their sake, to remain dogged and unshakeable in our determination to bring our leadership back to an accounting with the people.

They have underestimated our resolve.  They have mocked our strength.  Our opponents have said a true Conservative is easy to beat.  Blinded by their arrogance, these people have lost touch with Maine.  In November, there will be a reckoning.  Liberals in Augusta will find out what happens when you ignore angry Mainiacs.

Finally, my friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, and I were discussing a story that has been passed down through the years here in Piscataquis County.  It’s the story of the Sebec Boys.  It is said that several young farm boys desired to go fight for the North in the Civil War.  Their families were so poor that some did not own a horse and others could not spare a horse.  Undaunted, these boys set out on foot from the shores of the Sebec.  They marched all the way to Bangor where they met up with a guy named Joshua Chamberlain and helped form the 20th of Maine.  Those boys were with Chamberlain on that fateful day on Little Round Top.

Can I suggest to you today that perhaps the reason Chamberlain could issue his famous order was because he knew his regiment was filled with Mainers?  Furthermore, can I propose that he knew he had men from Central Maine and Piscataquis County under his command?  I suspect he realized the mettle of his men when he saw the Sebec Boys march into camp in Bangor after a long tiring march from Sebec.  It was with this understanding that he could give that famous order to one of the most storied charges in Civil War history.

We stand here amidst the smoke of history past to be judged by their example.  The spirit of the Sebec Boys is still part of the fabric of Maine.  The obvious metaphor confronts us.  We have had our resources depleted by those in Augusta that oppose us.  We must draw a line in the sand and say thus far and no further.  I call on Mainers throughout this State and those here today to stand shoulder-to-shoulder unwavering and answer the call from the ghosts of our history to “Fix Bayonets”!  Let’s make one last stand for our State.  One last stand for our children.  Let’s go to work with Paul LePage and together we can Set Maine Free!

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