Oh, Those Negative Campaigns

While listening to the pious, self-indulgent concession speech of one Democrat Eliot Cutler, I was reminded of an old Clint Eastwood movie in which the actor Donald Sutherland plays the part of a rogue tank commander.  The commander routinely berates his tank gunner sidekick, and anyone else who disagrees with him, to, “Stop with the negatuf waves!”  This has been the campaign strategy of Democrats for some time now.

It’s really quite an effective strategy especially in an Oprah/Dr. Phil age that demands constant positive reinforcement.  Nobody who is anybody wants to be known by somebody as a busybody that had the crass dispassionate vindictive nature to call a spade a spade.   It’s comparable to every father’s worst nightmare.

His beautiful young innocent daughter brings home the town sleazebag and exclaims that she is in love.  When her father explains that this scoundrel has worked hard to firmly establish his reputation as a man who exploits young naïve girls and then, after he is through with them, sells what is left to be traded up and down the Las Vegas strip, his daughter petulantly flounces back that her Daddy is so mean, out of touch, and doesn’t want her to have any fun.  Faced with the uncomfortable task of being so negative, a father may began to think that his little princess is the one girl who could help this slave trader mend his ways.  Perhaps his daughter is the one woman this lizard has been waiting for to change his spots, settle down to raise a family, be a positive member of society, and there is no reason to expect that his daughter will be sold to some Arabian Sheik on the backside desert of Uzbekistan.  Hopefully, no one is that stupid.

It’s an extreme example laced with a heavy dose of sarcasm, but, through the mockery, there is an analogy.  The Democrats want us, the citizens, to sit quietly while they do and say whatever they want.  They don’t want to be confronted.  They don’t want to be exposed.  Only the voices of approval are acceptable and any dissent must be squelched.  In the past, this has been effective in the State of Maine.  The Republican Party has been more than willing to play the conciliatory patsy to the Democrat Party.  Not so anymore!

There is a young crop of Republicans who have moved into the battle ranks.  These young soldiers have absolutely no interest in placating Democrats.  They have one goal and that one goal is the demise of socialism here in our beloved State.  For them, November 3rd marked the beginning of a new battle, new targets, with new victories on the horizon.  This battle is not for the faint of heart and, for those Democrats who have gotten used to foot massages from Peter Mills’ style Republicans, the battle is coming to you.  The days of pale, pasty, lackluster Republicans are over.  For those Democrats who do not want to be confronted, they can find a place under the porch next to the Demblicans.  This is an ideological war for the future of our children.

So, the Democrats are tired of “negative campaigns”.  Remember, that’s code for “Please don’t speak”.  It’s very difficult to run a positive campaign when Democrats have nothing positive to offer.  The President declared that the Constitution was a negative document.  Why?  Because it inhibits and constrains government, that’s why.  The Democrats don’t like being told no.  They don’t like to have their bad behavior confronted, much like a spoiled teenager.

We have a job to do.  We have to clean up Maine and set it free.  It will get ugly before it gets pretty.  The Democrats excesses will have to be confronted.  Call it negative if you want, but the job has to be done.  If the Democrats want to see positive campaigning, they need to do something positive for a change.


One comment on “Oh, Those Negative Campaigns

  1. Scuttlebut has it that the lovely Chelli and her pal donald BOUGHT UP ALL THE AIR SPACE FOR THEIR NEGATIVE ADS WHEN THEY REALIZED DEAN WAS CREEPING UP ON HER! This needs to come out in public. Dean had NO chance of fighting against that operation.

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