I have listened repeatedly to my father while he has railed against the complexities of the modern automobile. “It’s so a man can’t work on his own car anymore,” I’ve often heard him growl. My father, who was a crew chief on the Air Force F-100 Super Sabre during the Vietnam War, routinely expresses his frustration at the fact seemingly simple maintenance work on modern vehicles turn inevitably into a nightmarish, convoluted, inoperable mess. It is confusing, to the average man, why Detroit would take a simple trustworthy engine, easily fixed by the everyday backyard mechanic, and turn it into the computer driven, glitch prone, gadget laden monstrosity of today, that can only be serviced by an elite group of highly trained technicians. Cars used to run forever. Now they run for the duration of the warranty….hmmm….I’m sure that’s just an ironic coincidence.
Now let’s draw the comparison. We have the best functioning healthcare system in the world, but now, instead of tweaking the imperfections, our President wants to completely change the look, function and purpose of healthcare. He wants to overburden the system with gadgets, choke out its effectiveness with over-regulation and completely redirect the focus of health care. Lets have a look.
Under ObamaCare, citizens will have to show and attach proof of insurance to their tax return. You will be required by law to buy health insurance. That, in its self, is enough reason to repeal ObamaCare. It is a violation of the Constitution to force any American to purchase anything, but not only are we forced by law, we will be fined for failure to comply. Yes, fined!!! Individual fines up to $695, families up to $2,085, or….or 2.5% of your adjusted gross income, the Government will choose the greater fine (their so accommodating).
In a brilliant move to encourage job and business growth, employers who cannot afford to provide health insurance for their employees will be penalized, under ObamaCare, $2,000 per employee. Hey, now there’s a great incentive to start up a small business and provide jobs to the community. What would the government do if it didn’t have hardworking businessmen and women to pickpocket? But wait there’s more, you and your employer will not have the opportunity to decide what kind of health care you would you would like. Oh no, only the government can decide that. You ask why? I don’t know! Haven’t you heard the old adage “Those who steal the money know how to spend it best?” No, you haven’t? Well, neither have I, but the President thinks he has.
If you want to buy your own insurance, you have to buy it from your government. Do you notice a theme here? What word do I keep repeating? With the government proving itself so adept at running things like Fannie Mae, which was a huge hit, we should feel comfortable with all our everything in government control, right??? What, no takers? Yeah, so we can all buy insurance through a government regulated exchange that sells insurance that meets governmental requirements. In other words, different insurance companies, same policy. Ah, nostalgia sweeps over me. Remember the days when the word choice was still part of the English language.
You know, this columnist uses sarcastic humor a lot. To be truthful, it is a way to moderate the rage that is felt when our essential liberties are stood up and executed by political thugs. As I continue to investigate this bill. It becomes more and more scary, more and more intrusive. Americans were baited with the tempting treat of an all-encompassing, all-knowing healthcare system. Now they are ensnared in a horrible nightmare of entanglements that will literally destroy the engine of this great Nation. Next, we will peel back more layers of this smelly rotten onion and see the violations of liberties that are being perpetrated to protect it. Let us all pray that the November 2nd Revolution will signal the rise of Patriots who will reverse this tyranny.

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