THE AUGUSTA TWO-STEP: All Thumbs and Two Left Feet

The Republican Party is showing an innate ability to be uncommonly oblivious to the expectations of the people that elected them.   For forty years the Democrats have made it policy to completely ignore the will of the people and focus only on their own personal whims.  The populace grew tired of it and rejected the Democrats.  Now the Republicans are touting their ability to work with and accommodate the very Party that Maine rejected.  Instead of giving Mainers the change of direction they demanded, the Republicans are putting another coat of lacquer on the “same ol’ same ol’” and expecting us to believe it’s the revolution we fought for.  It took forty years for Mainers to reject the Democrats.  The Republicans have not even been sworn in and the State is crying, “Get the Bums out”!  One would assume that any strategy meetings by the Democrats to regain power have been put on hold, as Republicans seem to be doing the work for them.  Voters have come to expect corruption and deceit from the Democrats.  Its how they operate.  From Republicans, they expected something more and, once again, the Maine Republican Party is falling far short of their expectations.


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