So here we go again!  A political entity has completely botched an opportunity to do the right thing.  Instead of cleaning up the mess, the Republican Party’s only answer is to whine that it is far more complicated than it appears.   Hmmmm…were have I heard that….before?  Wait…wait…don’t tell me.  It’ll come to me….OH YEAH, the Democrats!!!  For some strange reason, the GOP think they can toss the  same whine and cheese, the Democrats have aged to perfection, to the populace and the voters will just eat it up.  What Augusta is unaware of is Mainers have had more than their forty-year fill of it.  Maine residents have become so well versed in liberalise that they are keenly aware that “it’s complicated” means “I’m too lazy to do anything about it , I’m going sit and pout on my fat political bum and hope you don’t make me change.”

This is an easy fix!  It remains to be seen if Phil Curtis, Andre Cushing, and the rest of the House leadership have the political strength to allow the House caucus to revote on the floor.  This boils down to a struggle between old Guard Snowe/Collins Republicans and the rise of young Conservatives who wish to reform the Party.  Maine’s ship is careening towards the cataract of fiscal insolvency.  Republican leadership must decide if it truly wants to heed the people and turn the ship around or cling desperately to few moments of power before Maine plunges into the mists of oblivion.  Mr. Curtis and Mr. Cushing must show leadership and give Maine the change they voted for or be content to be nothing more than a cheap imitation of the Democrats.  History will mark the difference!


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