The cloak of a double standard has settled over the shoulders of the Maine Republican Party and seems to have been tailored to fit.  The GOP have been busy scurrying about trying to cover up their own ineptitude while expending vast amounts of energy trying to convince the people of Maine that they should abandon their own standards and lower their expectations to match those of the Republican House leadership.  When gazing into the looking glass of truth, Republican Representatives can come away with the unsettling realization that they are nothing more than a mirrored replication of the very thing they piously railed against on the campaign stump.  The Party of majority may find its powder drenched with the moisture of duplicity when it tries to fire off critical salvos aimed at exposing their opponent’s corruption.

The House leadership has chosen to ignore the will of the people and force-feed a scandal riddled Representative down the throats of an angry unwilling public for Speaker.  They have chosen to set aside standards to put the Party first.  Representative Robert Nutting has taken this travesty one step further by putting his personal ambition above the well being of the State.  Any Representative who puts Party and personal ambition above the trust of the residents of the State of Maine is not worthy of said trust.  When Republican leaders look in the mirror, can they see the same detached arrogance Maine rejected in November staring them in the face?


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