So the snare is set with a tasty bait to draw the unsuspecting in.  The first order of business is to entice the prey to the snare.  In order to accomplish this, the suspecting must be converted to the unsuspecting.  Nothing can be more frustrating to the fowler than a suspicious little prize that is convinced that all is not what it seems to be.  If the little feathered delicacy simply flits and flutters around the temptation then wisely flies away to a safer feeding ground, the hunter is left with an empty snare and an empty stomach.  No, no, if said hunter wishes to feast upon a perfectly seasoned bird for his evening supper, his prey must be convinced that the bait laid out for him belongs to him and the atmosphere surrounding that bait is just as it should be.

Regrettably, we the people have been blindly feeding on that bait for years now.  We have had our senses dulled by the arguments by the left convincing us that government is wiser and more adept at handling our every day needs.  Slowly, little by little, we have relinquished control to the government exposing the snare bit by bit.  Our reflexes slowed by drunken consumption, we were unable to react in time as the trap of ObamaCare was sprung.  Now here we sit, railing against its unfair constrictions yet brutally confined by its laws.

What was the bait?  When the leaders of the Soviet Union promised our grandfathers that their grandchildren would embrace socialism, the Nation at that time scoffed at the idea.  The Nation braced itself for inevitable conflict believing that was the only way subjugation could be accomplished.  The expected invasion never came.  Instead, our enemies used a tactic we were too proud to acknowledge.  Our greatest strength could also be our greatest weakness.

Americans have always been proud of their unity.  They are fiercely loyal to their fellow Americans.  If the citizens of this great nation can be convinced that an ideal is a worthy pursuit for the betterment of their fellow man, they will ardently support its culmination.   But this great strength has been our undoing.

Some years ago, Progressives convinced America that the weakest among us needed government care.  We agreed, and, at its basic premise, many people still agree.  The ensuing programs we agreed to, in true liberal fashion, were crafted with vague ambiguous language.  These policies were left open ended and, now, have been subjected to every abuse imaginable.  They have been manipulated to include every “weakest among us” people group that can find a therapist to validate their “issues”.

Americans are now shocked and infuriated to see that they stand bound by their own compassion.  Progressives have used American ideals to dupe caring citizens.  Next week we will see in detail the shocking irony of the new HealthCare plan.  We’ll see how the real “least of these” are being sacrificed for a Democrat agenda.   We must be willing to relearn the lessons our grandfathers tried to teach us.  If you can’t pay for it, you can’t have it.  Sometimes the truth is so simple.


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