What?!! Leaving So….Way…Overdue!?

If there is one thing Sarah Palin has done for United States, it is to expose left wing bomb throwers for their shallow small worldview.  Unable to control their seething hatred for the Palin family, the Air Stream Media has bathed themselves in hypocrisy.  Americans have had a full viewing of the duplicity and have made their own decision by not watching the fomenting hatred.  Keith Olbermann has found the old adage that mentions something about rocks and a glass house has more application here than he would like to admit.  With a new company buying out NBC, new leadership may be more interested in bottom line than appealing to a mere sliver of the viewing public.  The Maine Conservative Voice does not believe Mr. Olbermann deserves even a parting salutation.http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/01/21/olbermann-announces-leave-msnbc/

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