Obsessive behavior is dangerous.  We have seen that in Tucson and now, sadly, we see it in our political leaders.  A bright beautiful young woman who held and still holds, we pray, a promising future as a politician, was shot.  Ms. Giffords is known for her strong opinions.  She is willing at times to go against her own Party if it violates her convictions and her constituents’.  Shamefully, before families could begin to mourn their dead, left-wing smear merchants began to affix blame to another bright beautiful young woman who also holds a promising political future.  Governor Sarah Palin likewise is known for her strong opinions.  She too is more than willing to take on her own Party when it is in the best interest of those she represents.  Neither Representative Giffords nor Governor Palin’s strength of leadership is a danger or menace to society.  Those who are obsessed with their demise are.

What has been most disappointing, perhaps sickening, is the willingness of Democrat leadership, most notably, Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Patrick Leahy, to engage in the Palin Obsession.  Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, these men have continued to beat an obsessive drum contending that Sarah Palin is somehow complicit in these murderous attacks.  Some journalists have inquired of the Senators if they have any evidence linking Alaska’s most famous resident to the obsessed madman in Arizona.  After quickly admitting they have not a shred of such evidence, the Democrat leaders return doggedly to their obsession.

Days ago, members of the far left blogosphere were calling for the assassination of Sarah Palin and we waited…we waited…waited some more and there was no “refudiation” of these horrible threats towards the Governor; in fact, a quick google, as of this morning, has Dick Durbin still obsessed with the Palins and Pat Leahy accused of being too drunk to give a speech on the floor of Congress.  Perhaps Senator Leahy has found something else to obsess about?  We might be able to find a positive there somewhere…maybe.

The frustration is steadily mounting in this country with the fact that Democrats seem determined to focus on anything but their jobs.  This can be no better exemplified than with the liberal fixation on vocabulary.  Maine’s own Chellie Pingree has called for the Republicans to stop using the term “job-killing” in legislation because it sounds too violent or…something.  OH….MY…WORD!!!  And they wonder why Americans are so disgusted with Washington!  It’s a safe bet that Washington would be disgusted with Washington.   Get to work, public servants, and quit making embarrassing spectacles of yourselves and our great Country.

Here are some more words that Ms. Pingree may call to be eliminated from public discourse:

Job killing: we’ve established that

Job inhibiting: that intimates that someone has some sort of psychosis in dealing with inhibitions towards work.

Job crushing: well that…that’s just messy

Job-strangling: thaaat’s kinda Stephen King, edge of night…ish

Job annihilating: way too Genghis Khan, it doesn’t roll off the tongue either

Trigger: a little too triggeresque.  I have no idea why Roy Rogers named his horse that, but it could explain why the cowboys kept shooting at each other.

Trigger man: triggerish and gender exclusive

Bullet points: this is so new violence meets old violence

War room: violence on so many levels all gathered in… one…room

Target: only Democrats can use this one

Bulls Eye: again, only the intelligentsia can handle these volatile terms and there could be some animal cruelty issues at play

We could go on forever and, really, that’s the point.  Americans want results.  Democrats don’t want to give them those results.  So they obsess over minutia in hopes that Americans will either be distracted or discouraged.  Let’s keep focused on the goals of liberty and not draw back.  Let’s make America ours again.

2 comments on “PREVENTING PALIN

  1. The way the Left attacked Palin bothered me.
    The way the Right abandoned her bothered me more.

    If another Republican candidate bests Palin in the primary, then we will have a good candidate.

    But if we let it be that it is the Left that beats her, and they are successful at diminishing her, it assures that they will target, freeze, polarize, and use whatever other deceitful weapons they can conjure up on the next one of us they perceive as a threat. And then we’ll just have another conservative become “unelectable,” until we’re left with one who truly is.

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