Why does it seem we are so often determined to cut off our own nose to spite our face?   It seems to me, from many of demeaning sarcastic comments directed towards the whoopie pie legislation, some Mainers equate protection of an economic stalwart for this State a process that is worthy of mockery.  Once again, we seem fixated on exporting something that is decidedly and historically Maine in an effort to maintain some sort of pretentious imagined decorum and mask our self-absorbed arrogance with a haughty declaration that we only acknowledge “serious” legislation.  What can be more serious than safeguarding a revenue source that has been one of the few positives in the 40 years of business depression this State has just lived through?

Other articles have been written in defense of this piece of legislation and well they should.  LD 71 is rooted more in common sense than the whimsy that others have tried to portray the potential act as they move to dismiss its value.  Senator Doug Thomas has written a recent opinion editorial that is filled with facts showing the massive fiscal impact this little sweet has on the economy of this great State.  This has not gone unnoticed by other States.  Pennsylvania has been working hard to capitalize on the growing interest in this little pastry; in fact, there is a strong movement in that State to make the whoopee pie its own State sweet.   So once again, because of individuals who can’t see beyond their own nose, the State of Maine could find itself in the familiar position of putting the hard work into creating a resource and watching as the reward is realized elsewhere.

For the record, this columnist believes any source of revenue, any business that creates jobs no matter how “silly” or “insignificant” deserves to be protected by this State.  No job, no business should ever be characterized silly or insignificant by the leadership of Maine.  Maybe the passage of this Law could be the first positive step in developing a pattern of protecting business in the State of Maine.

It is worth noting that there is another valuable resource that Mainers continue to expend valuable sweat, financial and emotional equity in creating only to watch the rewards come to fruition and strengthen the economies of other fine States.  It is time to establish a standard of maintaining and utilizing our own developed resources here in our own State.  This legislation is a small step towards realizing that goal.  If we begin to prove ourselves worthy of building a robust economy and protecting it, the people of Maine may find themselves able to retain a resource much more sweeter and valuable to us all than the Whoopie pie, our children.  Imagine a Maine that had more than enough jobs to protect, support and keep our children.  Imagine that.  I can…and we can start with the Whoopie pie.


2 comments on “HOLD THAT WHOOPIE PIE HIGH!!!

  1. Deserves to be protected by this state? I hope that this piece was satirical but I fear it is not. Is our government going to continue to pick winners and losers? Are we to protect the wind industry? After all there are jobs and revenue, albeit from public treasuries at stake. Let those in the whoopie pie business promote their own product. It is called free enterprise. Last I checked free enterprise was a conservative value. Whether or not it becomes the state snack, state sweet or the official dinner matters not. I will continue to eat them far too often for my bulging waistline. Will we next make Allen’s Coffee Liqueur the official alcoholic beverage of the state? It is the number one seller by number of bottles sold.

  2. Many times when we choose to be contrary for contrarians sake, we abdicate our treasured hold on common sense. Not once in my piece was there even a shred of a hint that the State government should bail out the Whoopie pie industry. It is functioning quite well on its own despite the past poor business invironment of Maine. It is the place of honor and distinction I refer to much the same as a State Tree and State bird, except no one is planning to block anyone from consuming them. In your rush to laud your own conservative credentials, I fear you may have dealt your intellectual integrity a serious blow.

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