The President is finally in his comfort zone.  This is an area in which he really shines.  After two years of dropping the proverbial ball on foreign affairs, playing “everybody else but me” politics with balancing the budget and ignoring the will of the people on healthcare, our President can breathe a sigh of relief that at least a domestic crises has arisen that is right down his wheel house.  There is nothing a community organizer relishes more than a little domestic unrest.

So delightedly, Barack Obama has jumped into the thick of the civil discontent of union teachers and state workers in Wisconsin and, with federal pompoms in hand, is cheering the teachers on to violate their contracts and the trust of the parents whose children they are supposed to be instructing.  Mr. Obama seems oblivious to the federal statutes prohibiting the Executive office from interfering in State matters, but then, when has the President ever showed deference to the Law or the Constitution for that matter.  What’s a little thing like State sovereignty when some community organizing is to be had?  The President seems downright giddy at the prospect of finding something to do that he is really good at.  Civil disturbance is what he knows best.

It seems ironic at best that after addressing the nation stressing the need for education as a solution to the fiscal crises, the next communication from the Oval Office would be to instruct the teachers not to teach.  Unless some students have finally perfected the lesser-known art of education through osmosis, this Constitution violating directive from the “Community Organizer -and –Chief” will certainly have a dampening effect on the best and brightest of Wisconsin’s future.  Perhaps the President has forgotten, or maybe he never knew, that the Federal government exists at the will of the States.  In other words, the States created his job.  So before the President does too much more chest puffing, community organizing, face slapping of State Governors, somebody needs to remind him that, on matters pertaining to those States, the Governors outrank him.  Yeah, it’s a little thing called checks and balances.  It was put in place by our Founders in the unlikely event we would ever have a leader who completely disdains the Constitution and the will of the majority.

If the President had chosen to remain a community organizer, he would be well within his rights to inflame and arouse the throngs to protest, but he chose to be President.  Presidents have to do quiet mundane things like propose a balanced budget and insure domestic tranquility, which is a lot different, last I checked, than domestic unrest.  What the President and his Party have not told these teachers is that the Governor has a responsibility, he too by oath, to insure the domestic tranquility of Wisconsin.  This means, since these teachers have breached their union contracts, that the Governor will be forced to fire the teachers and hire new educators.   So several thousand teachers and state workers will be out of work while the Democrats, who encouraged them to protest, to put their careers on the line, are, themselves, hiding out in a posh hotel somewhere.  These cowards will still have their jobs.  And some of the teachers demands are….to…keep their Viagra?  That and cowardly Democrats are worth ruining your careers over?   So, does Obama really know best?


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