Elections have consequences.  It is an age-old adage that has proven its veracity time and time again.  The voters in Wisconsin elected a Governor who campaigned on bringing reform to the State’s overburdened pension and collective bargaining agreement systems.  This was the will of the people of Wisconsin and they elected a Congress to help him achieve that goal.  As usual, the Democrat Party is not interested in the will of the majority but maintains its consistent fixation, at the behest of the President, upon trampling the Constitution, which is the bedrock of this great Democracy.

For forty years, Republicans in Maine had experienced what it meant to operate in the minority under a Democrat majority.  This columnist, when doing research, could find long lists of Republican sponsored bills that had been deemed not worthy of debate by the Democrats and never allowed to the floor or out of committee, much less to vote.  Despite being completely ignored by the Party across the aisle, not once did Republicans take off for a Republican controlled State to stage a pouting party decrying the fact that the people of Maine had made a choice to elect liberal leadership.  Instead, Republicans decided to honor the oaths and the people of the Districts they were elected to represent.  They engaged in the Constitutional Democratic process as the minority.

The behavior of the Democrat Party is indicative of an underlying belief system that only their ideas matter regardless of the consequences.  The very hint that their concepts, ideas, and or policies are in desperate need of reform or repeal, due to their devastation to our economy, is incomprehensible and reprehensible to the liberal.  So as public opinion and facts mount against the Democrats, they have decided the best thing for them to do is…hide.  They throw their oaths and the Constitution into the tempest and the people be damned.  The Presidential precedent has been set and the Democrats are in lockstep to his bidding.  It is teenage politics.  If at first you can’t get your way, throw a temper tantrum….but make sure it is in a crowded public place to ensure maximum embarrassment.  Then leadership will cave.  This is a disturbing precedent to be sure.  One, I hope, the Republicans never emulate if they are ever in the minority again, as it makes mockery of our Democracy.

The biggest loser in all of this is the teachers and public workers who form these Unions.  Through the encouragement of corrupt politicians and even more corrupt Union leaders, these people are throwing away a chance for the very job security they want and Governor Walker hoped to enhance with these reform measures.  As I write this column it almost certain that in the next few days or perhaps even hours many of Wisconsin’s people will lose their jobs.  Not because it was inevitable, but because Democrats were, again, cavalier with the futures of Americans in order to promote an agenda.

As a boy living in Berlin, New Hampshire, I spent a lot of time with the sons of my father’s best friend.  I remember their mother going on strike to ask for better benefits from the Converse shoe company she worked for.  The company warned that they could not afford these benefits and would have to close the plant if workers did not return to their jobs.  Union leaders insisted they needed to send a “message” to business owners.  They did send that message and Converse shut down the plant.  Converse wasn’t bluffing.  They couldn’t afford Union demands.  Later, I would often hear my friends’ mother say she never should have listened to the Unions.  The Union leaders moved on to the next crisis and hundreds of residents in the city of Berlin lost their jobs…but hey, they sent the company a message…

A couple of years ago, Nancy Pelosi held a tyrannical control over the House of Representatives.  The Republicans were not even allowed to bring amendments to the floor and a HealthCare bill was rammed through against the will of the people.  Did Republicans run and hide?  No, they fought on against all odds with the dogged dignity of the Alamo soldiers.  Not once did they compromise their solemn oaths to the American people.  But, of course, the Democrats are the intelligentsia.  They are smarter then us, Soooo…that means….they can break a promise, right


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