“This is a tragedy.  I see more poverty and fewer job opportunities in Maine’s fragile rural economies if this decision stands.  I see a loss of 363,000 acres of conservation easements, an area twice the size of Baxter State Park.  This is not about the environment.  This is one more step in undermining Maine’s tradition of private property and the ability of Maine people to live and work in rural Maine.”  This quote is a portion of Commissioner Bill Beardsley’s response to the recent court decision that has halted the Plum Creek Development project on Moosehead Lake.  The Maine Attorney General is now appealing the decision.  On the surface this smacks of activism in the Judicial ranks once again.  The decision is a tragedy and the facts that back up Dr. Beardsley’s statements are nothing short of appalling.

When Commissioner Beardsley was seeking the gubernatorial nomination, this columnist had the opportunity to study his response to a questionnaire presented to him by the Red County Caucus.  A portion of his response was noteworthy as we look at this unfolding crisis.  In responding to a question concerning the damaging effect onerous regulatory compliance laws have on business in Maine, Beardsley states that “there is no place in my Maine for the 1992 Biodiversity Treaty of the United Nations that espouse turning Maine woods into neo-wilderness.”  He also warns “anti-business activists have personally told me that they do not need to win a single referendum, win a single lawsuit, or pass a single piece of legislation in order to stop private investment in rural Maine.  All they have said they need to do…is to create regulatory risk, uncertainty, adversarial atmosphere, and, especially, regulatory delay and they can drive capital investment and economic activity away.”  In other words, create enough headaches and a smart business will spend their monies in more profitable areas.  Environmental activists have successfully employed this tactic in rural Maine for decades.

The key to all of this is bio-diversity. What is bio-diversity?  Bio-diversity is the crown jewel to the environmentalist movement.  To the eco-worshipper, it is the messiah while global warming is the foretelling prophet.  Global warming was sent simply to prepare the way, to soften the public up to be more excepting to the edicts and teachings of bio-diversity.  To call this a religion is not an exaggeration.

Much of the regulatory laws, which bind Maine’s rural areas, are birthed from a faith-based science called conservation biology.  Pantheism, the belief that nature is a god, is at the foundation of conservation biology.  The co-founder of the Society of Conservation Biology, Michael Soule, wrote in their first publication, “We assume implicitly that environmental wounds inflicted by ignorant humans and destructive technologies can be treated by wiser humans and by wholesome technologies.”  The Clinton Administration, while railing against the dangers of Jerry Falwell and the religious right, implemented the edicts of the Pantheistic Conservation Biology into the policies of the land management agencies of the Federal Government.  The result was the decimation of farms, ranches and the general economies of rural America.

The core belief of Conservation Biology is that the only way to heal the land is to lock up private land and prevent “ignorant” humans from operating on that land.  This protects the bio-diversity.  From this belief came the “Wildlands Project” or now “Wildlands Network”.

The 1992 Bio-diversity Treaty was based on the “Wildlands Project”.  The United Nations formed a Convention of Biological Diversity to which 192 nations signed on.  Thankfully, the United States was the only hold out and that is owed largely to the work of four men, Tom McDonnell, Henry Lamb, Bob Voigt and Michael Coffman.  This group was able to acquire chapter 10 of the United Nations Global Bio-diversity Assessment, which was the basis of the Treaty.  Chapter 10 called for the establishment of a feudal government in which the proletariat (that’s us) would be so poor (they want us to be serfs) that they could do no damage to “Mother Earth”.  They also called for the reduction of the human population to 1 billion and the elimination of all private property.  These four men gave a copy of this to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson who presented it before the Senate just in time to stop the United States from joining.

I tell you this, and there is more coming, because the ones who stand in applause at the blocking of the Plum Creek project are the same who stand in support of bio-diversity.  So as their lawyer trills that this travesty is “thrilling”, she’s really saying that this keeps the “serfs” poor and the “ignorant” must bow to their “wisdom”.  Well, it is true. We are poor.  They have accomplished that, but be advised, pantheist, that we bow to no one, save the one true God, and He is not mother nature.


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